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History admissions reconsideration request

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  • Published: 14th November 2021
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To the Admissions Committee of the University of Southern California:

The University of Southern California has long been my dream school, and I was most devastated to learn that I had been denied admission for the Fall 2018 semester. The admissions process is a long and arduous one, and I commend the admissions officers for their time and efforts in selecting a group of accomplished individuals out of a myriad of qualified applicants. While I do respect and understand the decision made on my application, I am still writing this letter with the hope of giving my dream school one last shot this year. Therefore, I request that the admissions committee reconsider my application along with the supporting information that I have included in this letter.

Looking back on my high school experience, one of my deepest regrets has been that I was unable to maintain a GPA that matches my true potential. For a majority of my sophomore and junior years, I diverted much of my time to help with the family business overseas in handling daily affairs. With Taiwan being sixteen hours ahead and me working about twenty hours a week, I had to suddenly adjust my schedule drastically to be able to oversee the new tasks at hand. Although attending board meetings, putting together PowerPoints, and planning fundraisers held up most of my time after school, I still struggled to finish my homework afterward, usually into the early morning. While putting my family first certainly took a toll on my academics, I am grateful for the opportunities and connections that I have been able to cultivate through those experiences. My inability to master an approach that would allow me to successfully flourish in both endeavors has been none other than my fault; however, it is one challenge that I have grown to overcome. I guarantee that this mistake will not be made again. In my senior year, my grades have shown a more positive trend, and I am resolved to do even better academically in college while still maintaining my extracurricular interests, such as expanding the humanitarian work my family does for rural communities across Asia. At USC, I hope to share the knowledge and expertise I have accumulated to lead and serve the community.

While most students dream of leaving home and living in a new city across the country for their college years, I wish to instead attend a university closer to home. I will admit that that had also been my dream when applying to colleges back in November, yet in the last two months I have changed my mind after my grandmother was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. While I already knew that I had to take upon myself some of her workload regarding the family business, I could not help but recall the time my sophomore year when my uncle was hospitalized due to brain cancer. Immediately, I began to worry about my academic performance this semester, but my grandmother was there for me to reassure me that I was capable enough to not make the same mistake. Having been close to her for most of my life, I know that she is the person who I will miss the most when I go off to college. I can glimpse her struggle of wanting me to stay close to home and wanting what is best for me; I feel the same, having the strong urge to care of her as she has done for me for most of my childhood, visiting her often on the weekends to discuss business and politics, while pushing myself to excel in college in my future pursuit of becoming an attorney. Thus, the University of Southern California would be the ideal choice for me due to its proximity to my home town of Cerritos as well as the educational opportunities that it offers.

Having a clear vision of what I want to do in college, I am enticed by the endless possibilities that USC has to offer. As a hopeful History major, I know that the university would grant me the resources I need to achieve my goals and guide me to success through its Core Curriculum. In my application, I mentioned that public service would be a cornerstone of my college experience and am delighted for the chance to explore new service-oriented projects that Los Angeles has to offer. From local volunteer work to international service trips, I hope to inspire others to keep the spirit of community engagement alive and to hone my own leadership skills. Further supported by a drive to explore new extracurricular opportunities such as joining the university’s debate team and club crew, I know that it will not take long for me to feel at home in a community surrounded by a wide variety of cultures, an upscale vibe, and the Southern California sun. Since submitting my college applications in December, I have gained a better understanding of both myself and the world around me. I feel confident that my drive to reach my goals and aid my community will guarantee a positive and successful college experience. Please do not hesitate to contact me if there are any concerns regarding my application. Thank you for your consideration, and I hope to hear from you soon.


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