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Student body personal statement

This personal statement example is for a student who would like to join the university's student body.

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I have always been a Dubai kid, born and bred here; this is home. I have done all my education in Dubai and I feel that being a homegrown kid, I am able to interact with people from all backgrounds, cultures and nationalities very well.

As a person, I like keeping busy and having different things to do at the same time. I currently hold a internship in a fast growing food product company and at times by job becomes demanding, but I like to do other things for myself on the side.

I am a part of a food blog with a very close friend of mine and I have my own photography page which started because of my passion for photography. I also work with an online magazine part time and cover events for them and sometimes even write advise and survival articles.

I think of myself as a person who likes to do everything and I have found that if I put effort into it, I can build interest in a lot of different fields. I studied accounting during high school because the concept interested me and I decided to take it up as my major during university. During the course of my studies, I realised that I have a passion for writing and joined the writing tutors team to help guide peers with their writing assignments. I also developed an interest in events and marketing and tried to take that up on the side with the university newspaper and during my first internship I made the change from accounting to marketing as my field of interest.

I would like people to think of me as a good team player because I am very easy going and understanding. I have worked in groups for group projects with students during my undergraduate studies and have worked well with my team members.

I am eager to learn and good with application projects because I feel that I can create something visible and make a visible difference. I enjoy the field of marketing for the same purposes, because when I look at something I designed or created, it makes me happy.

I also possess good multi-tasking abilities and in fact I look for multi-tasking opportunities where I am challenged in different fields at the same time.

I would like my classmates and teammates at Hult to know that I will be a supportive and hard working member of the student body who will use every opportunity available to make a difference, to participate and to learn something new.

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