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Studying abroad personal statement

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  • Published: 13th September 2019
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  • Studying abroad personal statement
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Growing up in a family filled with Businessmen and Entrepreneurs made my vision change Immensely. I can recall when I was young, I have always loved the way my father ran his company, it made me more passionate about studying in the business field. I always used to go along with my father to work when I was younger just to see and witness how it feels to be in the action. Most of my vacations I have spent in my father’s company. I felt like studying business is the key to many different opportunities out in this world, that’s why I decided to study Business Management.

I can foresee the future of this world, with the technology evolving around us and how fast everything changes, this made me more interested in studying Business, because what I admire the most about business studies is that it combines many factors of life and how to operate through it, and I feel that this is where I belong and I also feel like I can excel in this specific major due to my past experience with studying business studies in high school and also working in my vacations with my father in his company. I supposed that in order to achieve my goals, I had to expand my vision and move to the UK to join a University there because I was certain that the UK education is capable of developing me to be the best version of myself.

Considering Universities in the UK has made me so much motivated because UK Universities are known for their respected level of education and their highly respected reputation. Studying abroad wasn’t my easiest decision to make because I am very connected to my country Egypt and my family and friends, but I had to overcome everything just for the sake of a better education that would help me to accomplish my dreams and be a source of pride to my family and my country. Studying abroad will also have a positive effect on me as a person, it will make me be more independent and will expand my knowledge, education, and my cultural experience.

In High School, I used to enjoy to participate in many extra-curricular activities, I took part in many charity events hosted by my high school, as well as many athletic activities, I took part in the High School Varsity Football Team which made me a better athletic person and also it helped me to make new friends.

Born and raised in an Arab country could be challenging. Arab countries have their own principles and traditions, which may be different from any other country in the rest of the world, but being taught in Modern English School, Cairo which is the best school in Egypt according to rankings by the Egyptian government, has utterly changed my mindset making me a more understanding and a smarter person. Studying at such a high-level institution has encouraged me more to study abroad in the UK. I know for a fact that I definitely wouldn’t have any trouble communicating in the UK because I have been taught by teachers from the UK and the US ever since I started school which made my English language better, therefore I feel like I am confident and qualified to study abroad.

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