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Fashion studies personal statement example

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  • Published: 29th June 2019
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Decisions to create my life around fashion and the creative field has always came from my imagination to make things possible, which has been a driving point in my life to make sure I do things to the best of my ability. Starting with something as blank as a photoshop document and transforming it in the most natural way helps me to express myself. My interest was always in looking at the trends and not just following them but in fact standing out to make others think Wow, a then to change the way people think about the industry. It wasn’t until my college years that made me think I could create something from my imagination into a reality. Pursuing a career in fashion promotion and in a wider field visual merchandising has always been an interest of mine. For me, to be able to have a career in promotion means I can give my own flow of creative skills to help other brands and their products to become known. With support from people around me admiring my work mentality and illustrations, I believe it’s about time I took a “leap of faith”. Looking forward, I am excited and have an incredible drive to see where the future may take me!

After completing a BTEC in Fashion Promotion, I also worked voluntarily on a caravan site that were willing to offer me work designing posters and leaflets for upcoming events and promoting new offers. I learnt the many different skills from this such as teamwork, meeting deadlines, working on my own but also fitting to a brief which still represents the company, and about the various Graphic programs used such as Photoshop, Canva and publisher. I learned a lot about my own image and style in visual communication. It was very rewarding to see my work in print and being used around such a big company and made me believe even more that this is what I wanted to do. However, I wanted to push myself further and learn more, which meant I decided to apply to a Fashion Promotion Course.

The course at Blackpool Sixth Form College allowed me to experiment with different media and processes and techniques, this meant it made me be more confident when experimenting and look at more of my creative side through the use of also fitting to a brief which meant i was use skills constantly. I was drawn to this course because it offered more freedom compared to fashion design which meant you had to stick to creating a garment to fit a certain theme. Throughout my time at Blackpool Sixth Form I have realised that I am also very of doing illustrations especially my line drawings which are really effective and come across extremely strong. I am excited to try out techniques which mean I can show different ways in which I can illustrate and put across ideas which others have not tried before. I have also had the chance to use techniques such as inking, painting and collaging while on the course rather than just using the computer. I have developed a interest in photography when i first started in college it was quite weak but I started to get more confident and create some beautiful shots, however this is a point which I’m always open to work on.

Taking two years of studies on the BTEC programme helped me explore my capability in a more professional and disciplined manner as well as improve specified research work. In a university course I hope to refine my interest in Fashion Promotion. Focusing on certain aspects of the subject which I may have strong and weak points towards and hope to develop them. I believe that a university course is the perfect place to work on this process. I am also excited about the prospect of learning new techniques.

The last few years I spent creating content for my blog post. This enabled me to gain valuable and knowledge in researching different trends and styles . These posts I do once a week and they range from fashion to lifestyle. I loved creating blog post on this to help others also. I participate in a range of activities such as swimming and going to the gym which has a big influence on my life because I like to push myself and go above the limits which is essential in gaining knowledge and achieving.

In preparation for university, I intend to gain some experience by volunteering at a local stores/ business and researching different Illustrators/Designers to widen my knowledge. My personal experiences and attributes have led me to believe that I would be well suited to a career in Visual Merchandising all that it entails. I look forward to expanding my knowledge at a university which can help me prepare for a career which I will enjoy within fashion and also to involve myself in higher educational training as I know that gaining a degree is only the first step.

26th June 2018

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