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Fashion communications personal statement

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  • Published: 9th August 2019
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Fashion communication in a broader aspect, is every mode of communication that acts as a bridge between the fashion world and its modern day consumers.

My desire to study a fashion communication based course comes from my interest in the process of both conventional and unconventional psychological communication that takes place between the retailer and consumer. I find myself in a constant state of intrigue when thinking about all of the different ways in which the fashion industry can apply human centred approaches to problem solving through the mediums of both traditional and new design skills.

In my spare time, I enjoy finding local exhibitions and galleries around my home in Birmingham to meet and see the work of new, innovative designers, photographers and artists. I find that keeping the company of people in creative veins of industry shapes myself and my works greatly, allowing me to explore the multitude of disciplines that I can use to communicate my inspirations. Another way that I have found to be a powerful inspiration is working at fashion events. Events such as the National Clothes Show and the National Wedding Show have allowed me to experience completely different facets of the industry, from helping backstage of catwalks to customer faced roles selling for different brands. In addition, during my time interning at Lace Factory Studios, a renowned hub for fashion photography in Nottingham, I delved deeper into my passion for fashion communication. Assisting with fashion shoots provided invaluable insights into the visual storytelling aspect of the industry. I learned how to convey messages and emotions through imagery, an essential skill in today’s fashion landscape. This experience complemented my studies and further fueled my desire to pursue a career in fashion communication. Working alongside talented photographers and stylists, I honed my eye for detail and developed a keen understanding of the symbiotic relationship between fashion and communication.

This invaluable industry practise helped me realise that my core interest lies within communication and the various media formats that are used to reach different audiences.

I am presently studying UAL Fashion Business & Retail at the Birmingham Metropolitan College. Birmingham’s rich ethnic mix has definitely offered me an advantageous platform into the influences that culture plays on the fashion industry and has most definitely sensitised my viewpoint on topics regarding culture, mainly the Appropriation of it. In such a creative field that distills and celebrates styles from various cultures, brands and retailers are still toeing the fine line between appropriation and appreciation. They must try and maintain these artificial lines between groups or protect one group’s rights over another to address or celebrate images and ideas of gender, race and ethnicity, and unfortunately, in today’s climate, that feels like a losing battle. The conceptual reconnaissance that follows such personal topics like these, inspire me to explore them to much further depths and convey my voice through mediums that are both written and visual. In personal exploration and interest of this, I found that a majority of these cultural issues could so easily be avoided if the consumer was aware of the context behind it. Designers using these inspirations, fail to showcase their collection’s contextual journey and so the audience on the receiving end fail to understand it. In the industry, it seems as if inspirations have so often been a veiled concept, and only very few designers ( Alexander McQueen, Rei Kawakubo) know how to really satiate their audience with their inspirations, so that we can understand and appreciate where they are coming from with them.

My future, as I see it, will most definitely have art as an anchor. I couldn’t imagine never being connected to the industry and to a world of talent and imagination where anything is truly possible. Because this is my passion, i know that as i student i would put my heart into my work, as i do now, and push myself that extra mile.

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