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  • Published: 22nd September 2019
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  • Film personal statement
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Personal Statement

I couldn’t pinpoint one single moment in my life which made me realise that I wanted to pursue a future in film. This was a realisation that was very gradual, and one that I came to after looking into many different career paths and options. Looking back, one of the pivotal moments that helped me reach this decision was my decision to take Media Studies at GCSE. While this was a course that focused on all aspects of media (radio, paper news etc.) I found the film related parts the most interesting. From this, I began looking into films in much more depth in my free time, I also found myself watching films more frequently. At my high school, at the end of the year we did something called Yellow Week. During the final week of the academic year, we would spend the entire week off timetable, with a variety of activities to choose from, one of these being film week. I found myself engrossed in anything I watched.

Throughout my education, I have worked on many projects that I’m quite proud of. My first ever project was a trailer for a horror film which I made in high school. This was my first hands on experience with all aspects of film production, including the planning aspect (storyboards, scripting, pitch etc.) This was useful as it meant that I finally had a chance to get stuck in to film production, as opposed to just reading and hearing about it, thus presenting me with an opportunity to begin building on the skill set that I would need for the rest of my career.

Since then, I have worked on many other projects. Most recently, I created a

In my opinion, my most fulfilling and rewarding project was definitely my multi camera improv comedy piece, inspired by Monty Python. This was one of the more technically challenging projects I had been part of, as it meant I had to get used to syncing the audio while filming on 3 cameras on multiple cameras, as well as learning to edit a multi camera piece for the first time. This was massively useful to me as it meant I had a chance to get experience working on a type of project that I had never worked on before.

Over the years, I have improved my skills by working on both my own projects within college and working on projects with friends. I believe that I am most skilled when it comes to the practical aspect of film production, mainly camerawork, however I have been improving my editing skills throughout both my college work and doing my own research into editing techniques.

Outside of my college life, I often spend most of my time listening to music, playing video games, and of course indulging in films and TV shows. As well as this, I have recently started reading books, mostly sci-fi novels as this is something that I very much enjoyed as a child, but unfortunately is something I somewhat lost my passion for as I entered high school and the challenges that came with it became my main priority. I find all of these things to be quite inspirational to my creative process, as I often find myself getting ideas from these outlets.

To conclude, I believe that I am well suited for university and think that it is the right career path for me, as it is exactly what I need to refine my skill set. As well as presenting me with an opportunity to work on my skills, it gives me plenty of time to consider my options and work out exactly what role I wish to take on within the industry.


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