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Veterinary Medicine personal statement

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  • Published: 13th September 2019
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Publish 18th November 2019

Dated this 18th day of May, 2019

From an early age, it was clear to me that my career path would involve working with animals in a clinical context, as I have always had a passion for science, animal health, and welfare. My first exposure to the veterinary clinical environment was through a high school program, which provided me with the insight into how rewarding and fulfilling it was to be able to use scientific knowledge in order to diagnose, treat, prevent and ideally cure diseases. This has led me to study Biochemistry for my undergraduate degree, as I wanted to have a solid basis for a comprehensive understanding of the metabolism and function of animals in health and disease.

During my postgraduate studies, I had conducted a one-year research project working with Trypanosoma brucei, the causative agents for African Trypanosomiasis, an infectious disease of wild and domestic animals and humans of sub-Saharan Africa. As African Trypanosomiasis is a zoonotic disease, this research experience had introduced me to the “One Health” transdisciplinary approach and increased my awareness of the intricate relationship between human and animal health. I have developed a strong appreciation on the importance of both veterinarians and human health professionals working together in order to detect, prevent and control disease outbreaks, as well as the key role that veterinarians play in the bigger picture of society.

My latest internship at a companion animal veterinary clinic has taught me the importance of high-quality animal care and optimal health maintenance by providing routine treatments and the appropriate vaccinations. I had thoroughly enjoyed working in a veterinary clinical setting, from communicating with the clients to determine the animal’s medical history, aiding during the clinical examinations, using the various laboratory equipment for diagnostics, to the hands-on component of the job such as dental cleaning and assisting during surgical procedures.

I want to become a veterinarian because I am dedicated to improving public health goals and outcomes by assessing, investigating and managing animal health and zoonotic disease risks. I will enjoy collaborating with other veterinarians and various health professionals, such as epidemiologists and pathologists, to understand and identify new and emerging diseases and control them, reducing the time they circulate in the animal population. Working as a public health veterinarian would also involve protecting the welfare of animals by ensuring that the standards of animal-keeping are met. This would ensure that the animals, especially livestock, would be healthy, and diseases that could have repercussions on human health will be reduced as much as possible. In this regard, I would also like to foster better collaboration with human health professionals so that future inter-disciplinary public health issues can be tackled more efficiently.

I believe that my educational background and experience have prepared me well for a veterinary medicine program and I would be honoured if I would be able to attend the University College Dublin’s Veterinary Medicine (Graduate Entry) program to pursue my career as a veterinarian.

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