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  • Published: 13th September 2019
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  • NHS personal statement example
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NHS Application Essay

Leadership Essay

I believe I am a leader because I challenge the status quo, I am full of empathy, and I possess a passion for everything I do in life. Every single leader and their movement that has ever achieved greatness had to challenge the status quo. To achieve the greatness they seek, they had to take a stand. I am a leader because I take a stand against injustice and prejudice. Daily, I help my family, my friends, and others to correct the biases and face the prejudices they were taught in their life. I am a leader because I take a stand for the little men even when they are not present to hold me accountable. I believe in making my community and country a place that is safe and equal for everyone regardless of their circumstances and I try to take a step closer to this goal every day.

I believe another one of the biggest factors of being a leader is being understanding of others with different circumstances than yourself. Every day, I make a conscious decision to have empathy and walk in others’ shoes instead of judging them. I am a leader inside and outside of school because the empathy I possess helps bring people with different ideas and opinions together. By finding common ground, we achieve a more productive and progressive community and society. My open heart also helps me inspire people to take a chance and make a change whether it be big or small.

The passion I have in my heart also makes me a leader at home, school, and in my community. My parents always taught me that to be truly successful at something, you must love what you do. From theatre to social justice, my passion in these areas pushes me to work harder, be a better person, and do something bigger and better than my own self. I truly love everything I do and it pours out and shows itself in every aspect of my life. My passion helps spark passion in others, and when a whole group of people is inspired, change can truly happen. Leadership can be something you’re born with, but the best leaders try and better themselves with every passing moment. I am one of those leaders.

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