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Film personal statement example

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  • Published: 11th October 2021
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  • Film personal statement example
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My interest in the area of Film began in Junior School where I completed a course which involved producing a short film. This gave me an insight into the subject that would lead to a creative and fulfilling career.

During GCSE Film Studies, my favourite part of the course was looking at the Cinematography of Film as I enjoyed studying and analysing the creative choices that were made to give the film the correct effect that the director wanted to portray. This qualification confirmed my passion to pursue a career in film.

I am a self-taught photographer with an eye for detail. My portfolio includes a wide range of subjects with many diverse themes and this year I completed a photography course that allowed me to build up my knowledge and improve my skills. I feel that the technical skills I have gained over the years will be invaluable towards my chosen course at university.

I am currently in the process of making a promotional video for my local animal rescue centre where I am interviewing the staff about the rescue and bringing awareness to the animals that are in desperate need. I also recently returned from a trip to New York which inspired me to create a cinematic video about my experience there. I have contacted local film studios offering my services as a volunteer to enable me to gain experience and skills in a working environment and hope to get the opportunity in the near future in preparation for university.

I wasn’t able to choose Film as an option at A level but the subjects I have taken have helped me gain the relative skills for studying at undergraduate level such as leadership, organisation, and resilience. Throughout my time in Sixth Form, I have conducted many presentations that I have completed with confidence and accuracy and have found teamwork beneficial and enjoyable.

During Sixth Form, I have participated in a number of Open Events where I have been involved with parents and pupils on a question and answer basis. I was chosen to help Year 11’s with their Geography coursework which I did within my own time during school holidays. Both roles have been beneficial to my communication skills and have developed my ability to work confidently with all ages. After volunteering at primary schools helping out with after-school sports activities, I obtained a permanent position with Sefton’s ‘Active Kidz’. This position has helped my awareness of different behaviours of children of all ages and has taught me how to take responsibility control of a large group of different personalities whilst also learning how to manage my time effectively and finding a balance between work, school and leisure time. As mentioned, I have been volunteering at Freshfields Animal Rescue Centre for nine years as a registered dog walker and fundraiser, I have had experience with more troubled animals and the staff are confident that I can carry out my duties efficiently and safely. I enjoy the challenge of winning the trust of the dogs and seeing them progress in their behaviour.

I completed my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award two years ago and this year I went on to achieve my Silver Award. Although I found the Silver Award a demanding experience, the sense of achievement was the biggest reward. I am currently working towards the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award which will demonstrate my determination and resilience even further. I was chosen to represent my school in an International Netball Tournament in Florida, involving intense training ending with the tournament. I appreciated the diversity as it allowed me to interact with different cultures and make long-lasting friendships.

Several visits to Open Days and Campus Tours at Edge Hill University confirmed my decision to pursue a degree in the area of film as I was impressed and excited with the excellence of the facilities offered to students there. The challenges of university have always appealed to me and I feel I am highly motivated to meet the demands it will bring.

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