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Architecture personal statement example (3)

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  • Published: 29th June 2019
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Ever since I can remember, I have been exceedingly fascinated by how our surroundings are built and designed. The interactions that humans have with the built environments around the entire world is one of the main factors that influenced my goals and the path that I would partake once I graduated High School. After my evident decision to seek a future in the architecture world, I decided to take my first step into the future by enrolling myself in Florida International University, where I started and continue to form a part of its College of Communications, Architecture and The Arts whilst pursuing a degree in the Architecture Accelerated Masters program.

With my acceptance to this program, I was allowed to begin my journey towards all of my educational and career goals. My educational aspirations consist of studying and obtaining a degree in Florida International University, one of the best and insightful universities and programs of the United States, and later on, to acquire my architecture license. With my architecture license, I plan on creating my own architecture firm that will assist and stimulate my long-term career goals, which includes being involved in the revitalization of a community or communities through architecture starting at my home, Puerto Rico.

Architects have a social responsibility that goes back to the belief that architecture can create better places, that it can affect society, and that it can have a very influential role in making a community a more suitable living space and that it can certainly have a positive effect on the wellbeing and the quality of life of a community. With the landfall of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico on September 2017, the island was devastated in every sense whether it was an economical, environmental, socio-cultural, architectural, etc. Up to today, almost a year later, and still thousands of people in the Puerto Rican community still have no power and no jobs thanks to the damages caused by this hurricane and it is assumed that it will take numerous years to restore Puerto Rico’ infrastructure into what it once was. Without a doubt, it is one of the most destructive and unfortunate natural disaster to ever occur on this small island in the Caribbean Sea. Because of this, it has become all the more important for me to pursue and succeed my goals as an architect in order to come back and help the community that raised me. Although I cannot help Puerto Rico with everything that was destroyed or negatively affected with the passing of this hurricane, I can try my best to aid in the only way I know how, which is through architecture, in order to give new vitality and vigor to this community and built environment.

Since my family lives in Puerto Rico, they suffered the impacts of Hurricane Maria. There were and still are enormous economic and labor force uncertainties that causes the lives of the people in Puerto Rico to be very unstable. Because of this is why I am in need of scholarship assistance. With this help, I can comfortably finish my education without any economic uncertainties and worries that might jeopardize my education. If I do receive the financial help, once I graduate and have gained my architecture license, I can start working on what really matters to me: the wellbeing and restoration of my homeland.

Because of these negative impacts on the island that have directly affected my family and the people of Puerto Rico, is the main reason why I have made it my number one goal in life to graduate, obtain my architecture license and devote all of my power and energy to the revitalization of the Puerto Rican community and maybe later on different communities across the world via architecture, but in order to do this, I need to find the economical aid I need to continue to pursue my dream.

12th July 2018

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