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Business personal statement example (2)

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  • Published: 30th June 2019
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I have always been curious about how my friends and family generate money, one word which always comes to mind when thinking about it, is ‘business’. Business has been a part of my life from an early age due to my parents running their own business and letting me in on their family secrets.

I currently study Politics, Drama and double Business BTEC. The subjects which I currently study in my Sixth form have really broadened my knowledge on Business and the different internal and external factors which affect Businesses in our everyday lives. Studying my subjects have really improved my skills. For example, studying Drama has really helped develop my organisational skills, my confidence and my presentation skills due to the amount of performances and group work that is done during class, whereas Politics and Business have helped me think logically about topics and helped develop my data analysis skills and communication skills.

Business is one the most important things in today’s society, mainly as Business is important to a country’s economy as it creates and provides jobs, services and goods. This is why I have an interest in how businesses take the road to success through perseverance and marketing strategies. I’m also very interested in advertising through marketing and how businesses improve their brand awareness to increase revenue.

Outside of my Sixth Form, I play badminton every Saturday and I see a personal trainer twice a week to improve my coordination and health. Playing badminton has really improved my social and teamwork skills as I enjoy playing as a team and working together to achieve a common goal.

I have had work experience in my father’s company named K-Med which is a medical business based in London which sells medical goods. I worked there for most of my summer and helped do deliveries, clean, and help on their medical website. I have also helped take care of their warehouse and pack boxes to be sent out to customers, this was very a good opportunity as it gave me great insight into their business and how they operate as a company.

In January I went to the Arab Health exhibition at the Dubai World Trade Centre as an exhibitor with my father to talk to clients and hand out leaflets and give information to other passing visitors, this was an incredible opportunity as I was able to explore the exhibition to see other companies and their own marketing strategies to gain more customers and also to learn and familiarize myself with other medical items/products being advertised by the other exhibitors in the exhibition. This was very beneficial as there were more than 4000 exhibiting companies showcasing the latest in healthcare, which I found extremely interesting as 41% of Arab Health attendees are key players from government entities and hospitals which are a big factor for their countries health care and economy.

I personally believe that my love for business and thirst for knowledge will help support me in my study for a degree at university and that I am ready to take on the challenges ahead in my course.

1st July 2018

Kxxxxx Kxxxx

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