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Alternative medicine/naturopathy personal statement

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  • Published: 13th September 2019
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Traditional Chinese medicine is a powerful tool with a holistic approach. It considers the law of nature, the environment around us and the natural physical response of the nervous system to help create functional balance in the body. Chinese medicine sees that we are whole in our body and we respond to the environment around us.

Traditional Chinese medicine introduced me to the philosophy of Qi as well as Yin and Yang enforcing the concept of achieving balance within one’s body is the fundamental principle of health. Yin and Yang are components which work in unison, two opposites yet complementary energies coexisting creating balance. This is resembled through the Yin Yang symbol that exhibits each energy within the other, symbolising there is always some Yin within Yang and vis versa. In a typically poetic way, the Chinese characters of the Yin yang symbol establish their individual qualities for example light and dark, it is this notion that was confused by me during my childhood, believing the symbol represented good vs bad.

As with Yin and Yang the concept of Qi was not completely unknown to me however understanding the complex functions of Qi reminds me of why I want to study naturopathy. With Qi arising from three main concepts; from parents at conception, from the food and drink we consume, as well as breathing that grasped my attention. Understanding were Qi stems from made me think about personal experiences with poor diet and how that effected my physical and mental state.

Understanding the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, I have gained a great appreciation for the holistic approach and belief that mind, body, spirit and emotions are interlinked. I hypothesis that I will be able to utilise the approach to healing by being able to look at areas within life that potentially could be causing imbalances. For example, Nutrition is one of the simplest ways to improve your overall health, each nutritional food has its own properties which can be used to benefit a specific body function to help prevent/support imbalances.

Western medicine places strong emphasis on the physical structure of the body. Whereas Traditional Chinese medicine sees the body as a whole entity with connecting parts, which work together in order to sustain balance and create harmony within the body. Learning the fundamental components to Traditional Chinese medicine has allowed insight into a holistic approach which focuses on preventative healing. Chinese medicine has demonstrated to me that the right balance within all areas of life you are able to achieve optimal health, with this knowledge I am able to see a far greater need for alternative medicine as opposed to western medicine.

Altogether I have found they study of Traditional Chinese medicine an influential holistic approach to healing. I have been able to develop an understanding of balance within all things; however, I believe the greatest benefit I have gained would be the importance of prevention. Traditional Chinese medicine has reinforced my belief in alternative medicine


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