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Clinical psychology personal statement

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  • Published: 2nd November 2021
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I have always found my-self intrigued by human behaviours and tendencies, often asking the question of “why?” I am greatly intrigued by the workings of the brain and how it is capable of contributing to factors such as mental health issues and disorders. To this day I am still fascinated by psychology and how we still cannot explain every little occurrences of behaviour, as well as how much we still have to understand about mental illnesses and child Psychology.

College has taught me to that in order to do well, being focused, determined, and hardworking are key to achieving good grades. College has also helped me develop skills which will be useful for university and my chosen pathway.

For example, Maths has helped me develop skills and proves challenging in an academic sense. Maths has helped me work in teams and take on leadership within roles as well as encouraging me to work independently and find solutions by myself. It encourages tactical problem solving. One area of Maths which I find interesting is calculus, this topic shares a theme with Psychology in that one equation can be solved in multiple different ways, such as how one behaviour can be explained by multiple different factors.

Fine art allows me to be technical yet creative which allows me to work passionately. It has helped expand my creative skills and taught me how to work in different ways. it is a subject which requires precision, passion and a keen eye to detail, this subject has opened my eyes to these skills and has influenced me greatly.  Abstract paintings are of great interest to me as different people perceive these images differently, just how the same illnesses and disabilities can be seen in many different ways.

Psychology is a subject which is academically challenging and enjoyable; it is a subject which requires a lot of hard work and perseverance.  It is by far my most enjoyable subject as it questions a lot about society and the people within it. Many core studies which we have learnt about have proven to change my views and help understand certain aspects of behaviours more. For example, Baron-Cohens study has helped explain why people such as one of my friends who suffers from Asperger’s may struggle in understanding sarcasm within jokes and may not understand when someone shows emotions towards them. Debates in psychology such as the nature nurture debate have been of great interest to me as it sheds light on the fact that nature, being genetics, and things you are born with can affect your behaviour and can cause disorders. However, the nurture side shows that behaviours can develop as we grow due to environmental factors, and things such as taking drugs such as amphetamines and cannabis can have an effect on your mental state. Upon learning about the historical connect on mental health I has further gone and researched as to why the views held were there in the first place, and I believe this has added to my interest in the subject.

In 2014 I won the princess Diana award for my efforts in helping with charity work. I also regularly attend rock climbing at the leisure centre, which I immensely enjoy. These activities help me gain skills such as; confidence, and communication. As well as this, I have learnt to appreciate that we are in a fortunate position to help others. I enjoy watching shows such as ‘the secret life of 4-year olds’ which is a series where children up to the ages of 6 are studied, and their behaviours are analysed and given a reason as to why they behave in such ways. This is of interest to me as it looks at behaviours which you wouldn’t normally analyse and picks them apart, thus helping me gain knowledge into child psychology. During busy times and over the summer, I assist the shop floor at Dr Kruger, a clothes shop, in the town city. This job has enabled me to gain valuable skills in interacting with people which has made me feel more organised as a person. The importance of being punctual and time keeping was another valuable lesson which I learnt.

For this reason, I believe I would thrive as a clinical psychology student going onto becoming a fully qualified clinical psychologist.

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