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Pharmacy personal statement

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  • Published: 1st November 2021
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As an ambitious and eager student, I have a drive to understand the science behind the human body. I want to study Pharmacy because it is my vocation, I have admirable qualities, I acknowledge that studying Pharmacy isn’t easy

Currently, I am sitting Advanced Higher Biology and Chemistry. Studying these subjects since my third year of high school establishes my genuine interest in the field of science, which will equip me with fundamental knowledge required for studying Pharmacy. Studying Sociology and having studied Psychology demonstrates that I recognise the importance of understanding society and human behaviour. This led to me having an enriched comprehension of how to interact with people. It is evident that I am a diligent, persevering and very high achieving student as I have attained six National 5 qualifications and four Higher qualifications at an A grade. Even though I am the eldest child and a young carer to two autistic brothers.

There are many aspects of school that I am involved in. An example is being the Numeracy and Science Ambassadors which depict my passion in these subjects. As the Numeracy Ambassador, I work with young students who struggle with basic numeracy skills. Similarly, I work alongside science teachers to help primary school students learn essential science and problem-solving based skills. For this reason, I can indicate my appreciation of having an understanding in these subjects. Having this position has improved my leadership and team work skills. Also, I achieved my 500-hour Saltire Award as a result of simply helping in the school library. Consequently, I was able to enhance my organisational expertise. On top of that, I successfully acquired the CARITAS award which taught me the significance of self-reflection and strengthened my intentions for helping others.

On the other hand, I partake in various activities outside of school. One of my hobbies is playing sports. In school, I attend an after-school sports club where we play different sports each week. Balancing my responsibilities with hobbies is something I do regularly. I help at one brother’s sports club where he plays numerous sports like football, basketball or badminton. Likewise, I help my other brother, and my sister, with their weekly swimming lessons. By being in the water with them, not only am I helping to develop their confidence in the water, I am helping other children to do so as well. Therefore, I can play sports, be a young carer, and volunteer at the same time! Additionally, I volunteer at one brother’s special school where I support a primary two class by assisting the teachers and working with the pupils. Among all these commitments, I still want to evolve and am constantly developing my own qualities. For instance, I wanted to develop my confidence and communication skills. So, I decided to volunteer every Sunday at the British Heart Foundation charity shop. I requested to work at the till where I would be exposed to a variety of people in society and more importantly, interact with them. I am pleased that I acquired these necessary life skills.

Fortunately, I was able to spend a week in a community pharmacy. There, I observed the various roles people had and what they involved. I was privileged enough to properly speak to the pharmacists there: one studied in Nigeria, and the other in Romania. One of the dispensers is also a registered pharmacist in India. Hence, I learned about how the role of a pharmacist differs around the world. Through this opportunity, I was educated on how medication can be stored, checked and dispensed, and how patient focused pharmacy is. Working in the pharmacy alongside pharmacists was undoubtedly a valuable experience that reinforced my desire to study Pharmacy and to become a pharmacist. I also spent a week in a general medicine hospital ward which helped me to obtain a unique insight into how the health profession works from a perspective unlike what most future pharmacists would be familiar with.

In other words, I have an excellent academic foundation for studying Pharmacy which proves that I am willing to do whatever it takes to be a successful student. I have volunteered in several ways which has resulted in me gaining a unique variety of skills that will support me at university. I am excellent at time management since I am able to keep my academic records high and improve on other aspects of myself.  Furthermore, the fact that I have given up my free time to help others is evidence that I am principled. Finally, I have relevant work experience that confirms my decision to pursue a career in Pharmacy.


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