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Pharmacy doctorate personal statement

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My mother passed away during my early childhood in the year 1995. As a result, my siblings and I were raised by our grandparents who taught us to care for them and others.  I recall at the age of ten handling my grandparents’ medications, sorting out meds in their daily pill box, waking up at 6 am to give them their morning doses before getting ready for school, and giving them their meds with a glass of water at dinner time. Teachings from my grandparents encouraged me to realize my passion for caring for others.

At the age of thirteen, my sisters and I migrated to the United States from Nigeria for a better education. I started as a global business major at Mercer County Community College while working full time at a convenience store. During that time, I realized I was not working toward displaying my enthusiasm for helping others. I was trying to do what I thought my mother did while she was alive. I decided that I would change my career goals and seek out what truly defines me as a person and where I can feel content with my inner self in the future knowing that I have accomplished these goals. I decided to change my major from Global Business to Biology, and I began to work at my local Walgreens pharmacy while exploring and shadowing different careers in the health profession. Working at the pharmacy, at first, was not as simple as I thought, because I did not know anything about the medications or how to interact with patients. I even cried a few times at the end of the workday, but I was determined. It was not until after ninety days of working at a pharmacy that I became more confident with my responsibilities, including, interacting with the patients, and asking the pharmacist questions about the medications that I saw regularly and irregularly. Every day I grew more confident in performing the duties of a pharmacy technician and learned new and exciting methods to help patients.

Transitioning from being a business major to a science major was not an easy task while working a full-time job. I am now more focused, and I feel ready to attend all my classes as a fulltime student while allowing extra time to study and accommodate a fulltime work schedule to inquire an income. It was not easy for me to be working full-time and being a full-time student, however, because I was determined, I have followed through with this, and I have completed my Bachelor of Science in Biology at Kean University. This was a great accomplishment for me.

While exploring other careers in the healthcare field, I have reassured myself that pharmacy is the career that I had a desire to pursue. At any time when I was asked, what I have accomplished or what it is like to work at a pharmacy, I would always explain to people how it was more than just dispensing prescriptions to the patients. I would also disclose that we are not only licensed to provide prescription medicines, we are also able to make an impact on our patients’ daily lives. Some people would see the pharmacist more than they would see their primary doctor. Especially the elderly patients whom every day remind me of my grandparents.

I have been employed as a pharmacy technician for four years and observed different career paths while I was working as a pharmacy technician.  My experience as a pharmacy technician in a hospital and retail setting allowed me to obtain knowledge about the various medications and their interactions and helped me to understand patient care as a pharmacy technician. My goal is to expand my knowledge as a pharmacist so that I can correctly display my enthusiasm for helping others. I will be proactive and an advocate to improve the health of the people through leadership roles in the pharmacy practice, healthcare research, and other pharmacy related disciplines. I also want to be able to gain the experience necessary to provide adequate patient-focused care and promote health and wellness and manage medication use systems that are easy for patients to understand. I want to be able to learn and apply knowledge about the foundational sciences to evaluate scientific literature, explain drug action, solve therapeutic problems, and advance population health, and patient-focused care. In achieving a Doctor of Pharmacy degree, I will be able to grow personally and professionally by displaying knowledge, skills, abilities, behavior, and attitudes necessary to provide patient-centered care as the medication expert.

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