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Pharmacy practice residency personal statement

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Dear Dr. Jxxxxx,

I am writing to inform you of my sincere interest in pursuing the PGY1 pharmacy practice residency at Peninsula Regional Medical Center (PRMC).

Life experience has uniquely prepared me for pharmacy residency. I was born in Cameroon, a country that evokes images of a remote exotic locale, where the people are warm and friendly, and where my passion for working with people developed. I used to live close to the National Center of Rehabilitation for Handicapped, where I volunteered for an unfortunate couple. The husband was bed bound from stroke and the wife was paraplegic from a car accident. I assisted them with daily living activities and errands. One of my most vivid memories is of walking about fifteen miles to get to the closest pharmacy for their medications needs and I would be lucky if it was open or was not out of medicines. As a result of shortage of essential medications and healthcare disparity that prevailed in Cameroon, I developed interest for pharmacy. However, like many of my friends, I was unable to attend the only pharmacy school in the entire nation. The school of my dream located on the apex of mountains in the West region of the country was clearly unaffordable and couple to that there was an immediate need for work to assist my family. Upon completion of a two-year degree in business administration, I had the privilege to work as a procurement assistant at the United States of American Embassy in Cameroon. My experience allowed me the opportunity to live and study in America where my interest in healthcare eventually reemerged.

The transition enriched my personal growth, cultivate my strengths and independence. My academic and experiential training both at Prince George Community College and at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore School of Pharmacy (UMES SOP) were challenging but rewarding. It reinforced my passion both for pharmacy and education. I have been intrigued by the incentive that an outstanding educator can have on his students as well as the impact that a compassionate healthcare provider can have on the lives of his patients and on the profession. UMES SOP has provided me with exceptional skills, robust clinical experience in community, ambulatory, and acute care settings. I have worked with cancer patients during my rotation in Pain Management and Palliative Care. An experience that profoundly transformed me both as a person and as a future clinical pharmacist. I witnessed the good result which came from treating patients with compassion and genuine concern. In addition, I had the privilege to go on a mission trip in Haiti as a chance to help an underserved population with their medical needs. I brought a lot of myself in Haiti and I brought back more of myself than I could ever imagine.

I am fully aware that the knowledge of a clinical pharmacist extends far beyond the classroom and that, through a pharmacy residency I will be able to undergo challenging and unique experiences that will shape me into an excellent clinical pharmacist and educator. My goals consist of completing a pharmacy PGY-1 and a specialty PGY-2 residency that will fortify my educational foundation, and help me achieve my clinical as well as academic aspiration. Ideally, I would like to practice in a community hospital that is affiliated with a school of pharmacy. This would allow me to combine clinical practice with teaching experience.

My education and clinical experiences at Peninsula Regional Medical Center (PRMC) have contributed to my quest for its PGY1 residency program. I had the opportunity to work with incredible preceptors during both my Introductory and Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience rotations. They helped me discover and strengthen my skills and passion for clinical pharmacy. My rotation in the Intensive care unit with Dr. Jordan sharpened my scientific writing abilities, inducted me into the skills of patient presentation through a bi-weekly patient SOAP notes and presentations, as well as formal drug information write up. This has boosted my level of confidence and I take a little bit of this rotation with me wherever I go. At PRMC I also witnessed the ceaseless quest for excellence, the passion to teach and mentor students and I indeed value structured training with diversity of exposure to clinical practice, teaching opportunities, leadership, and research that its PGY1 residency program offers. I want to be involved in a program that encourages relationship with the patients as well as the staff and faculty as a means to improve healthcare in general and patient quality of life in particular. I’m confident that PRMC will provide me with a myriad of hands-on opportunities necessary to reach my goals.

I believe that I have the enthusiasm and the commitment that PRMC desires in its residents. I hope to use my clinical knowledge, critical thinking skill, and research experience to contribute to the development and the success of PRMC as well as the pharmacy profession. Thank you for considering me as an applicant for PGY1 residency program at PRMC. I look forward to realizing my dreams and being an asset to your program with great excitement and strong commitment. Please contact me with any question at xxxxxxx or xxxxxxx.



PharmD Candidate, 2016

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