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Computer Science MS personal statement (4)

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I don’t believe in taking right decisions. I take decisions and then make them right. –Ratan Tata.

The world is currently amidst one of the most crucial stages of transformation and progress, especially in the field of technology which has the potential to practically redefine what it means to be human. I, like most of the students in my field, have been fascinated with computers ever I since I was a child. However, my interest in computer science originated in high school where I particularly enjoyed developing presentations, apps, playing games and browsing social media and subsequently C programming classes. Therefore, towards the end of high school career, I discovered that my natural inclination was towards Computer Science and thus, made the decision to pursue Computer Science in my undergraduate level and because my life has coincidentally coincided with the era of accelerating rise of technology, I am able to comprehend that there are tremendous potential and developments to come along in this field. And now that I am nearing the end of college, it is my objective to continue my education in a graduate school, in a more competitive and diverse environment. I developed an avid interest in Python, R, Statistics and Data Mining during the third year of my B.Tech in Computer science and Engineering course and it is this initiative that prompted me to pursue MS in Computer Science with a focus on data science specialization.

Naturally, the most logical destination for my post-graduate studies in the USA, for it is the home of Silicon Valley. As a college student, I enjoyed attending classes on Data Mining, Design, and Analysis of Algorithms, Probability and Statistics, Database Management Systems, and Data Structures. In a similar fashion, I took part in various lab courses namely C, C++, Java, and Database Management Systems. Because of my dedication and deep commitment towards the subject, I performed well in my courses, securing a CGPA of 8.77 and the third position in my class. I have not restricted myself to merely classroom learning for I spend my spare time researching and studying on topics that interest me. Because of this, I received multiple certificates from online certification courses, the most prominent ones being the one on Machine Learning by Stanford University and R for Data Science by Harvard. The course on the Introduction to Data Science in Python earned me a certificate from the University of Michigan. Additionally, I undertook two courses on programming, Data structures, and Algorithms using Python and Programming with C++ from IIT Madras and Kharagpur respectively.

My coursework and multiple certification courses created a broad base on the knowledge that I implemented on various projects and internships that I have undertaken. The first project that I worked on was Home Automation using Arduino which involved the use of Arduino(C++), Thingspeak cloud and  Passive Infrared (PIR) sensors. It utilized an ESP8266 module that allowed Arduino to connect to a Wi-Fi network and make simple TCP/IP connections using Hayes commands. The primary objective of the project, which took two weeks to prepare, was to develop a system that is capable of automatically switching the lights on and off based on occupancy and send data to the cloud for analysis. This project helped me to gain practical experience on Thingspeak IoT Platform as well as the Technical stack of the Internet of Things. The next project that I undertook was titled Facial Recognition Security System using IBM Cloud and is extremely relevant and significant to my course. The aim was to develop a stable and cost-effective system that can be used on a commercial basis at different levels of security that employs Computer Vision to ensure that a person will have exclusive entry access. Apart from gaining experience in computer vision, Convolutional Neural Networks, Image Processing among others, I got an opportunity to hone my skills in Python, IBM Watson IoT Platform, Machine Learning, and OpenCV.

Besides these two projects, the most important one is my undergraduate thesis that I am currently working on a Technical Evidence on Spectral Ensemble Clustering via Weighted K-means.  My group, therefore, proposes Spectral Ensemble Clustering (SEC) to leverage the advantages of the co-association matrix in information integration but run more efficiently. Further, we aim to demonstrate in principle that SEC holds the vigor, generalizability and union properties. Finally, we stretch out SEC to address the difficulty emerging from deficient essential parcels, in view of which a column division plot for huge information bunching is proposed. The coding language was JAVA/J2EE and was made was using Netbeans 7.2.1 on MYSQL database. In fact, this project is due to be published in the Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research along with Implementation of Home Automation with Thingspeak Cloud” in the same journal
In May, 2018, I was hired as an intern at SMARTBRIDGE Educational Services Private Limited in Hyderabad where my responsibility was the development of a facial recognition security system using IBM Cloud. Over the span of a month, I got hands-on experience in IBM Watson IoT Platform and used Python, OpenCV, Tensorflow, Image processing, Arduino, ThingSpeak Cloud, Raspbian OS, and NodeMCU microcontroller to develop the system. This internship proved to be very effective and significant since I gained much knowledge about working in a professional environment as well as my management and time management skills. I also learned more deeply on the Technical stack of the Internet of Things, Cognitive Cloud computing and Intelligent Product Development. In addition, my teachers and peers have commended me on my leadership qualities and in my ability to assist my classmates effectively with their projects and assignments. I was the Technical Event Organiser in GITAM IEEE Student Chapter and these experiences in-turn have given me valuable lessons on cooperation, patience, and teamwork. Furthermore, I have worked with a colleague from Civil Engineering and his views and outlook mixed with mine created a diverse work environment and broadened my horizons by constantly encouraging me to think from a different perspective.

Simultaneously, I have strived to maintain a perfect balance between academics and extracurricular activities and social services. I have been an active member GITAM ACM Student Chapter and GITAM IEEE Student Chapter. I have also organized a Technical event in GITAM IEEE Student Chapter Fest. In high school, I won many interschool and district level tournaments in cricket and volleyball and I indulge in a game of football and badminton occasionally. I also have a blog on Food and Culture on WordPress. I am an active volunteer of GITAM National Service Scheme (NSS) and Rotary Club. These events and activities have motivated me to push beyond my comfort zone and have resulted in an overall development of my personality. The years at college has made me more confident, determined, and focus and I intend to hone these qualities. Now, in addition to my specialized knowledge of computer science, I possess an application for the breadth of this field and a master’s degree along with its associated research will assist me in realizing my true potential and making a worthwhile contribution to my field. Secondly, the field is also extremely financially viable for the future and is bound to pose multiple challenges with its growth over the years. My short-term goal is to pursue graduate school and create a stronger base of knowledge required to make a career in Data Science along with research and multiple internships for practical experience. In the distant future, I envision myself as a Data Scientist in a company of high repute, especially in Silicon Valley which is the center of the computing universe. The MS program at your university will equip me with the relevant knowledge that will enable me to recognize my deep-rooted objective of being a successful professional working in one of the most reputed companies in the world and making a name for myself in an ever competitive society. The detailed coursework of your university, in particular, along with your illustrious faculty members attracted my attention and I am positive that my exposure to the resources available will add tremendous value in realizing both my short and long-term goals. I sincerely hope that my application is viewed favorably by the Admissions Committee and I look forward to being a part of your vibrant scholastic community.


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