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Maths and business studies personal statement

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  • Published: 28th June 2019
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For almost a decade I have been studying at school and increasing my knowledge in a wide range of subjects. But about three years ago I suddenly realised that I have never been as happy as when I am solving problems and tricky cases. That is why, I have decided to focus on learning exact sciences such as Mathematics, Information Technologies and Statistics. I enjoy understanding how everything works, due to this, I have begun to master Programming and I was beyond happy when my programs started to work smoothly and well. I have comprehended that the right formulation of the problem is the core of it and the essential step on the way to finding the solution. However, right now the vast amount of my knowledge is theoretical so I would love to apply it in handling practical issues, industrial purposes being one example. I have an idea about how hard is it to learn but I love a challenge and I always look forward to improving my skills. I am interested in studying Math and Business studies because there is a wide spectrum of areas in our life where this knowledge could be applied. For example, it is really useful to know some economical and mathematical rules in order to maintain and run family or personal finances, to understand when it is perfect time to buy a house or a car, to spend money «correctly».

Having read many books and watched movies about business, the stock market and finance, I tend to think that there are lots of possibilities to use and apply the theoretical and practical skills which I have gained from the field of maths, programming and date analysis when I was studying un Russia. Mainly because of this desire, I have been helping my father with analysing in his job by simplifying the information in the table via Excel programming language. Such work has helped me develop my researching skills and problem solving techniques.

I have a number of different hobbies including tennis and music which have helped me improve team working and social skills. However, photography is my biggest passion after Maths and it has taught me to see everything from different angles and notice less obvious things. For instance, not so many people will find a tiny little ladybug in the bushes as stunning and amazing as the sunset in the mountains. But the old proverb says that beauty is in the details and it is really important to look for them. In addition, sports like tennis, skiing and windsurfing have trained me working in any type of conditions or under a lot of pressure, dealing well with unexpected issuers. Taking part in many after school activities, I have learned how to use my time correctly, working to deadlines, being organised and motivating or supporting people in hard times.

Talking about my English ability, I cannot forget to mention my time spent in language summer camps in the UK. Studying Math and Economics on the International Foundation Programme at the Warwick University I have had a opportunity to learn British culture and traditions as well as teaching standards, to feel myself being the part of university exciting life and culture as well as improve my knowledge much further and deeper in each subject.

Those are some of the major reasons why I have chosen the UK and the University of Warwick as the way to achieve my goals. Besides, it cannot be denied that England is one of the original places where the capitalistic economic system was established. Furthermore, the University of Warwick was recommended to me by one of my family friends, who is currently studying there. More than that, it has a huge amount of positive references on the Internet and has a good place in the league table among European universities. In addition, it is located in the middle of the UK with comfortable weather conditions which I like and which is similar to my motherland. On top of that, I am really glad that there is an opportunity to spend time on my hobbies and find facilities to keep fit on-campus. I expected to gain experiences and knowledge, skills and friends from all over the world.

Sxxxxxx Mxxxxx 

26 October 2016

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