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Engineering personal statements

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  • Published: 13th September 2019
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  • Engineering personal statements
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I am looking forward to a classroom environment where students are not afraid to challenge themselves; classmates that are willing to work together and to push me outside of my limits. Cornell University will embrace me as a person who enjoys spending time on numerous activities like learning about the human body, singing, and giving back to the community.

My interests in engineering stems from participating in various science competitions and being a Captain of the Cougar Robotics team in my high school. Constructing and programming a robot that has the ability to pick up a cube from the ground, climb up a rope, and throw a basketball was mind-blowing. Additionally, I come from a family of engineers who have transitioned into careers in medicine. Intriguing translational ideas such as the use of nanotechnology, regenerative tissue growth, and the development of biocompatible prostheses are worthwhile engaging during my time at Cornell. Both robotics and my family pedigree made my decision to pursue a career in engineering clearer.

When visiting the campus this past fall, I fell in love with the concepts exuded by Cornell’s College of Engineering such as the focus on civic engagement and attention to a larger global conversation. I am also eager to study Environmental Engineering through integrative research, conversing with distinguished faculty such as Professor John D. Albertson and using the Cornell’s state-of-the-art research facility, Center for a Sustainable Future. Cornell’s College of Engineering intrigues me as I can take unconventional courses related to my major to apply the combination of mathematics, basic science, engineering science, and creativity to address a range of environmental challenges.

Cornell Engineering has what I need to pursue my engineering endeavors. The Project Teams gives possibility to apply what I learned from my courses to real life engineering problems and work with my peers to create a project that I am passionate. Project Teams are an effective method of integrating teamwork into an unique undergraduate education that is perfect for developing a strong engineering background. Further, Cornell has an open community that values dialogue among people with strong intellectual minds and views, even outside of the classroom. This will allow an easier way to communicate with others to develop solutions to problems in not only the local community, but in the world.

Using my research, courses, the community, and Project Teams, I will be able to solve many prominent conflicts for the environment through engineering such as providing clean drinking water for everyone, reducing the carbon footprint of each person, and a more practical solution to waste products. For example, I will create miniature drones specialized in creating a topographic map to see.

I believe that the Cornell Engineering community has a uniquely curious, playful, and collaborative platform that emanates intellectual diversity. Cornell provides me with the opportunity to connect with the Ithaca community through Encourage Young Engineering Students and participate in the Women in Computing at Cornell. Cornell University’s strengths in Environmental Engineering and undergraduate research, combined with a beautiful suburban campus, academic rigor, and global reach have solidified that Cornell is the place for me.

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