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Science A levels / sixth form personal statement

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  • Published: 13th September 2019
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Science is a subject that builds and organises knowledge which is used to presuppose questions about the universe and being able to rejoinder them. The healing art also known as medicine is progressing at a epidemic rate however, this comes with cures as well as new diseases. The unimaginable discoveries being made have strengthened my passion to study these subjects and lead on to medicine. Rather then medicine being my childhood dream, it had stemmed from weighing the positives and negatives and how they relate to my own character.

My Choice of A-levels being Biology, Chemistry and Maths will be the initial bridge to a vocation in Medicine. My desire to study these subjects pushed me to become inquisitive about the lives of doctors. The book , “The other side” provided me with indispensable insight to a predicament. The author described her journey in a galvanising way through the eyes of a doctor as she was a medical specialist but at the same time suffering from cancer. It enlightened me that something so small can make such a large difference as for doctors, holding a patients hand for reassurance. This inspired me to volunteer to work in a nearby Pharmacy as well as Solicitors. This invaluable experience showed me being competent and yet being equal minded was something that was of great significance. This fortunate opportunity also postulated to me the importance of work ethic and professionalism and I was given an job offer straight after due to my strong commitment and readiness to learn and improve.

Proceeding towards higher education, I was a peer meditator. This meant I had the privilege to mentor younger children and enable them to engage with school and as well as out of school activities. Moreover, keeping younger pupils on track which consequently aided in the growth of my confidence when communicating. As well as being helpful to the students, it also proposed to the staff the real importance of good communication skills and the outstanding improvement shown by student-student interactions.

Having spoken to many students and doctors, I understand that medicine can be a stressful profession which is why it is important to find a good work-life balance. I personally am a very enthusiastic sportswoman. I take part in Police cadets where they make me march continuously for hours to build fitness as well as character. I’ve dedicated a lot of time and effort in to Cadets as it has helped impact my own personal development. Police cadets doesn’t only require physicality like many assume, rather a reserve of mental strength. It requires trust and one that teaches discipline. Furthermore, through Cadets I took part in the Duke of Edinburgh (DoE) program which enhanced my inter-personal, communication and team building abilities, valuable skills for any medical occupation.

My fascination with the workings of the most multiplex machine that is the human body, from the intricacies of cellular respiration to the complex structure of the human brain, has left me with no hesitation that I want to learn more about the problems and how to address them. I look forward to the social and academic challenges of Sixth form. I feel very equipped to undertake these three challenging A-levels to study medicine in the future as I believe I have the knowledge, understanding and skills which makes me a strong candidate.


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