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Business personal statement

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“It’s time to grow up and go to school” was the last sentence I heard sixteen years ago from my mother before leaving my home of memories, my mother’s bank. I never wanted to leave that majestic place but I had to do so because of education. Maybe she did not notice that I was leaving the place which had shaped the best three years of my childhood, the one that inspired my whole life. It was the birthplace of my enthusiasm for finance. Having been in regular contact with my mother, a financial consultant, and my father, as a marketing manager, I became acquainted with business environment since my formative years. My tears in that time motivated me to choose a career related to financial issues. This way, I could experience my memorable days at the “bank” once more. As a little ambitious boy, thanks to consulting with some businessmen, I had the opportunity to experience a milestone in my life, trading. I invested my savings through childhood years in stocks. Although its value dropped by 80%, it still taught me an important lesson in finance, not to invest all your money in one stock but to make a portfolio. That was a remarkable point which initiated a strong desire for compensation in my life. To support my inherited skills, I engaged in real business environment at electronic device trading company, “Tazhak”. I contributed, as project manager, to optimize relations in forecasting the market, evaluating the feasibility of proposals and delivering the orders as the most elementary concepts in the field. One of the fondest memories I have of Tazhak is when our company faced a budget deficiency for employees’ wages as the result of failure in delivering an order. My team had to work long hours and work now for other orders but receive their money in future. For this reason, team members had to have other motivations besides money; they had to enjoy spending time together and view the projects as valuable experiences. I helped to maintain a lively and happy atmosphere for the team. I took an action oriented approach to the leadership; I helped other team members in delivering some orders and tried to communicate with them both on the technical and managerial level. This approach allowed me to interact with problems closely, evaluate the performances accurately and at the same time maintain a friendly environment in the workplace. After six months of hard work, the projects were finished successfully and required budget was acquired to pay back the postponed wages. When I look back at that time; I don’t see long working hours and the pressure of delivering the orders, I see the pleasant times I had with the team members and the feeling of success and accomplishment that we all shared. I learned how to work under pressure, how to communicate effectively and how to lead small teams and keep them happy. At first prioritizing and constantly changing what we were working on was a very difficult thing to do, but the more time I spent on planning the future iterations of the development, the more I became aware of the importance of the change and adaptive plans. The most prominent effect of these projects was that they made me more confident in my leadership and management skills and interested me in fast paced working environments.

To get involved with the technology oriented dynamic market, I experienced working alongside a seasoned team, who were to establish smart homes by using Building Management System method, in the Iranian market by doing my internship at “Gorouh-e-chahar Co.”. In this project, our team managed to gain the opportunity to apply this method in Shiraz Hospital, a contract which many other teams had also competed for. Mathematics is not only important to me as a course, it has also been a hobby for me during all my educating years, an enthusiasm which led me to triumph in Mathematics and Physics nationwide Olympiads in three successive years in high school. After graduation from Allameh high school, by achieving the outstanding 252nd rank among all 450000 participants in the nation-wide university entrance exam, I got admitted to Electrical Engineering, the most competitive field of study for Iranian engineers, at University of Tehran, the most prestigious university in Iran. Having studied diverse subjects in mathematics, statistics, and programming I obtained the fundamental capacity for analytical thinking and modeling, which are core competencies for entering financial markets. Due to the systematic and mathematical approach of control branch of electrical engineering to issues, I decided to major in Control and Intelligent Processing which would give me the chance to further expand my views and go beyond the boundaries of electrical engineering. I also ranked among top 10% of the students in the field. As referred in my CV, I conducted several researches during my undergraduate studies such as “Cournot, Bertrand and SFE models in oligopolistic electricity markets” and “Organizations’ code of ethics” which were appreciated in the university. For my B.Sc. project I selected “Stochastic Dynamic Stock Market Modeling and Decision Making using Game Theory” under supervision of Dr. Ashkan Rahimi-Kian, Ph.D. In this project I have acknowledged some of the portfolio selection problems and proposed a solution through using Game Theory and Q learning. Studying at such a leading university not only enabled me to be in regular contact with professors, but also gave me the chance to promote my interpersonal capabilities through lecturing as teaching assistant in Operation Research, Electric Circuits I, Electric Circuits II, and Microprocessors courses, which were based on differential mathematics and statistics. In a dynamic market oriented global business environment, I tend to continue my ambitions through establishing a multi-national investment company to increase the wealth of shareholders along with that of mine. I consider studying MBA with CFA Integration a mean to reach the stated goal. To reach my long-term objectives, I am sure continuing my graduate studies in a leading university can help me to learn leveraging my skills to obtain wishes. The MBA/CFA program at the world class John Molson School of business is perfect for continuing my studies since it will put me on the right track to achieve my goals. The academic program and the curriculum is the right combination of finance, leadership and management. I believe that this program provides me with the necessary financial and business skills that I need.

The research subjects at the finance department are also very suitable for me to continue my research. Particularly, the researches about “portfolio management”, “financial management of financial institutions”, and “risk management” are very similar to my research interests. The faculty of Goodman Institute is another reason for my admiration of this program. Throughout my research I have become familiar with works and publications of many finance department alumni. In particular I have followed and admired the researches of Dr. Lawrence Kryzanowski, Dr. Abraham I. Brodt and Dr. Latha Shanker; being able to do work under their supervision would be a great opportunity for me to expand my body of knowledge and gain valuable experience in the areas that I am most enthusiastic about. Finally, the internships and the close relations that the institute maintains with the businesses and financial institutes would allow me to establish contacts in the business world and gain the organizational and business experience that I need. In order to be able to get to my long-term objective I need to prepare myself by mastering in skills such as international communication, acquiring techniques in trading, having regular contact with academic environment, and utilizing such an industrialized country’s opportunities in a win-win relation as my short-term objectives. Throughout the last couple of years I have managed to keep a balance between my work and my study. A quick look upon the combination of my full-time undergraduate education and work experience confirms my dedication towards the activities that I take up. I have always tended to manage my time in order to fulfill all my potential abilities and not to waste my talent. By working in a business environment I have learned many important skills in finance, management, project management, and team working. I also have learned about how financial institutions work and what the different threats to their businesses are. I believe that my childhood stock trading experience and Tazhak Company were the best case studies I could get and simultaneously, by observing their results I have learned many different lessons that will help me to understand the business world better. During the past four years my acquired knowledge of financial concept alongside my job participation has clarified my strong points and has assured me of my chosen path. As a consequence, I am completely determined to enrich my current knowledge during your graduate program. However the highly-rated status of the university cannot solely guarantee the ultimate success. It has to be accompanied by the candidate’s utmost devotion, which requires sufficient time. Thus, although my interest will initially lead me along the way, to maintain the top form and transform into a successful expert I am going to use all my capacities and dedicate my time and energy to my studies. I trust, not only continuing my graduate studies in the field of finance at Goodman Institute will help me to further develop my skills and enhance my financial techniques, but also it is a crucial step to achieve my long term goals.

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