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Business Analytics Masters Personal Statement Example

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  • Published: 13th June 2022
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I have always believed that innovation is all about experimenting with new things. Based on my experiences to date, I have realized that for a person to stand out of the crowd, innovation plays a major role. Maybe that’s why ever since primary school Mathematics has always been my favorite subject, probably because it involved solving problems using different methods and I constantly tried to solve math in ways other students might not have. I wanted to be innovative and different from the rest of my peers in the way I solved mathematics. This need for innovation increased the euphoria I obtained in learning and solving the problems. Especially when it comes to science and technology, I am always fascinated about the innovative ideas that helped the predecessors to shape today’s world and how the inventors were able to get such an idea. One of my favorite hobbies is to probe deep into the devices that I could get my hands on, to find how they work and try to tinker with them. My interest toward analytics got heightened when I chose a branch-like computer science engineering in my under-graduation. Being a girl, it is a very tough and challenging task in a country like India to take up and grow in this stream. But I could not care less and here I am, who decided to pursue a field like business analytics as my master’s degree, that would satisfy my dream.

I come from a business family background and I have grown up around business meetings. I have always been inclined towards learning more on managing a business or a company. But I am immensely fascinated by technology as well. One can never learn enough in the enormous field of technology, as new things always keep popping up. I am particularly curious to learn more about data analytics and someday I wish to run a company of my own. A successful business is a constant calculation between risk and reward. A master’s in business analytics is the perfect blend for my interest towards management and analytics and has fuelled my curiosity towards how business analytics and marketing can come together. This will definitely take me a huge step closer to my dream. I wish to study in the US for global exposure and attain an international perspective of the world.

At the academic level, my focus has always been on delving deeper into the conceptual level of things rather than remaining content with merely superficial theoretical knowledge. This has strengthened my basics and also enabled me to secure satisfactory marks in all milestone exams. I have chosen Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry as majors in 11th and 12th. I am currently pursuing engineering in Computer Science where I am doing my final year in Gokaraju Rangaraju Institute of engineering and technology which I will be completing soon. I attained comprehensive knowledge on concepts like C, C++, DBMS, JAVA, PYTHON, machine learning and various other subjects. The labs in my college complemented this knowledge and gave me a platform to practically implement my learning. It was in my third year where I chose ‘Big data analysis’ as an elective and that is when I fell in love with analytics.

During my time in college, I have undertaken a mini project named ‘OXYGEN CYLINDER MONITORING SYSTEM’ where we developed a code that is used to send text messages to the hospital staff and the oxygen delivery person when the weight of cylinder is less than 30%. That is when I discovered the joy of inventing a new thing. Since I have always been interested in learning more about a business, I’ve decided to do an internship in sales and marketing. During my three-month internship in MyCaptain , which is an E-learning platform, I have gained experience in business development, marketing and sales.

Throughout my time in school and college, I wanted to build a solid non-academic foundation as well. Thus, I have attended numerous science fairs conducted in my school and I have always been an active participant in all the sports. I once won a painting competition which I am very proud of. I have also attended the NCC (National Cadet Cop) camp and attained the level-A certificate. Coming to my undergraduate degree, I am an active member of ‘National Service Scheme’ of India which is a club in my college. I find immense joy in helping the needy. As I love managing people, and do the job efficiently, I was chosen as the lead for a photography competition, a part of my college fest named ‘REUDO’. At all these places, I have schooled over my techno-managerial, leadership and most importantly communication skills.

After achieving so much through my academic and non-academic exposition, I did not want to limit my studies to undergraduate level and I, therefore, have decided to go ahead with graduate studies in the USA. Not only will it facilitate my academic growth, but it will also help me in developing a global perspective and will polish my interpersonal skills. I believe that Masters in the UNT’s G. Brint Ryan College of Business, one of the nation’s largest business colleges is an ideal option to reach my career goals. The tutoring sessions by the outstanding teachers and renowned researchers of the college can help me gain comprehensive understanding on Data mining, Data warehousing, Decision modelling, Operations management, Process improvement, Six-sigma analysis and ensure my academic success. I believe that no other university provides students with the desired combination of culture, education and research environment, required for overall personality development, as offered by your institution. The MS program in business analytics offered by the university will undoubtedly provide me with the knowledge and skills that I am seeking, and the experience to pursue my dream and exploit the opportunities to the greatest extent. I resolve to approach the program with enthusiasm and hard work and use the opportunity to advance my learning optimally.

My short-term goal is to work in a leading multinational company and I want to be able to assist in their important decisions regarding advertisement, growth and production. This will enhance my career. My long-term goal is to skilfully own a company of my own with all the experience over the years. The master’s in business analytics program, offered by your college, is the perfect choice for me to attain my short- and long-term goals. The courses and facilities offered by your college will tremendously boost my career and help me learn to make impactful decisions. This multifaceted education is very crucial to propel me to the top of my field. I sincerely hope you consider my application and help me thrive for my career goals.


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6th July 2023

This was such a great help to me – I’ve never had to write a personal statement before and despite all the guides, I had no idea where to start. I was so happy to stumble across one for this Masters as there really aren’t a lot of guides to go on. Thank you so much for sharing your statement, whoever you are!!

Claire Revill

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