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Medicine personal statement example

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  • Published: 22nd October 2021
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  • Medicine personal statement example
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Past experiences have influenced and shaped my aspirations since an early age. I was first exposed to the idea of medicine at the age of seven when I underwent open heart surgery. This experience signals the start of my interest in medicine. Several incidents requiring medical attention allowed me to observe the mechanics of healthcare from a patient perspective. This served as motivation for me to explore medicine from the perspective of a medical professional. Every experience along my journey such as these has further motivated me to pursue medicine as a career.

My contact with medical professionals through work placements has allowed me to obtain a realistic understanding as to what a medical career entails, and has furthered my interest in medicine. Two weeks at Guys & St Thomas’ hospital in the ENT allowed me to gain insight into the operational aspects of healthcare. Through interaction with patients and doctors I became aware that the care process is a significant aspect of medicine. Certain situations taught me the importance of connecting with patients, and that a great deal of empathy is involved when communicating in a hospital environment. My interest in the sciences on an academic level lead to my nomination for a clinical skills day at St Georges hospital. This course allowed me to develop and practise basic clinical skills. Tasks requiring teamwork and leadership taught me the importance of them in the medical field, and that these characteristics  are necessary provide care as a medical professional. I was able able to shadow a self-employed cardiologist over the course of a week on an independently acquired work placement. Sitting in on consultations allowed me to interact with patients as well as gain a deeper understanding of the bond shared by a patient and their doctor. Being present for certain procedures further showed me the necessity for teamwork, leadership and organisation in such an environment. Visiting Harley street in London on during this placement, I was able to the importance of research and technology in modern medicine. I learnt that treatment required a balance of technology and human connection in order to be effective and meet the needs of the patients.

Completing work placements in the environment of both the NHS and private sector has deepened my understanding of what pursuing medicine as a career entails. Albeit the different environments, it was clear that empathy, communication and teamwork were vital in order to provide the best care possible for the patients.

I participated in a “Youth against cancer run” and contributed to raising money to support the fight against cancer in youths. This showed me that through putting effort and contributing as a team, it can make a difference to certain people. This seemed applicable in a hospital scenario, where putting in more effort into care for patients could change their experience as a whole. I also volunteered to help peers who were struggling in certain subjects. One to one tutoring and working together boosted their confidence and allowed them to achieve higher.

Working a part-time job as a deliveroo rider put me in scenario’s where I had to talk to hard-to-deal with customers. This allowed me to realise the importance of customer care and patience, thus applicable in the field of medicine. I currently tutor primary school children. This has improved my organisation and time-management skills and has also taught me the importance of planning. I was able to  interact with children as well as parents, allowing me to realise the importance of being able to adapt when communicating with people of different age groups. Previous participation in the school football team allowed me to improve on my teamwork and leadership skills. I hope to carry on doing such sports such by participating in university clubs. In spare time, I also enjoy reading. Reading has helped me gain a greater knowledge of a wide variety of subjects, increasing my understanding of certain subjects whilst also allowing me to relax. Most recently I have enjoyed learning about the possibilities of using  xenotransplantation as a way to counteract the current shortage of organs available for donation.

My current subjects supports my current interests as well as my future study of medicine. Although my subjects require a lot of organisation and work, improving my time-management has allowed me to cope. Improving organisation is key to preparing for the vast amount of works that comes with studying medicine. My study of Maths has increased my aptitude for problem solving and logical thinking. Consequently, I achieved a silver award in the senior maths challenge as evidence for my efforts. Completing an EPQ on the possibilities of xenotransplantation allowed me to work independently, furthering my time-management, organisation and ability to independently research a chosen topic. Furthermore, it encourage me to read and learn more about current advancements in modern medicine. Accepting a leadership role as Deputy Head boy allowed me improve on my confidence and organisation. Working with others on the leadership team improved my teamwork and allowed us to encourage peers throughout the school. I also accepted the role of lead Beat-Bullying mentor. This position of leadership allowed me to improve on other qualities such as compassion and empathy when listening to and connecting with troubled peers. Linked to that, I was assigned to work with and mentor a year seven tutor group in order to help them integrate into the secondary school. This allowed me to work with and talk to individual students, as well as conducting class activities. Managing a class improved my organisation skills and ability to communicate with others. I was nominated for the Jack Petchey award in connection with my work for beat-bullying and mentoring. I was also awarded the school senior prize, showing the dedication and motivation to work hard in order to achieve my aspirations.

I have been fortunate to have had the time to explore all the possibilities within a medical career. Having been self-driven towards this career from a young age, the possibility of being able to attain this goal has motivated me to work harder in my subjects as well as inspire me to understand more about what this profession entails. Through work shadowing and work placements I was able to access a lot of information which has helped me gain insight into what a medical profession entails. I am looking forward to continuing to expand my knowledge whilst pursuing medicine as a career and I know that I have the dedication and drive required to study medicine at university.

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