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Physical therapist personal statement

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  • Published: 23rd October 2021
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The first stage in my decision to pursue physical therapy goes back to my junior year in high school. I enrolled in an honors physiology course that was avoided my most of my peers. While I, too, was skeptical about taking the course out of fear that it might affect my GPA, my mother, who is an occupational therapist, assured that it will be a worthwhile investment. As always, she was right, and it was then, I developed a thirst for knowledge about the human body. Soon after the class, I grew an immense passion for studying the body’s structure and functions. I endeavored to learn the pieces of the puzzle and the theoretical aspect of movement, however, my passion pushed me to dive deeper. I wanted to learn how a person continues to function in the face of impairments and in what ways physical therapy can be employed to improve mobility. For these reasons, I took the initiative to better understand the profession by immersing myself into hospitals and clinics.

The diverse clinical experiences I gained while working with physical therapists allowed me to understand the physical therapy profession extensively. Witnessing their dedication to patient care by demonstrating empathy, altruism, accountability, and professional duty solidified my decision to become a physical therapist. I gained a new level of passion for the human experience, which propelled me toward constant improvement. Hence, I am determined to become a physical therapist who can use my passion to serve others and help each individual overcome his or her losses through the lens of human movement.

In order to become a physical therapist, I understand that it will require a tremendous amount of dedication throughout a Doctor of Physical Therapy program. In order to prepare myself for a rigorous DPT education, I have actively engaged in all of my challenging pre-requisite and liberal arts courses that my undergraduate institution offered. Additionally, I have strongly committed myself toward this career path by balancing an intense academic schedule with two jobs and a rich repertoire of extra-curricular activities that range from community service to getting involved with the athletic department. Despite the difficulties I encountered of applying myself to these commitments throughout each semester, I remained resilient by managing my time wisely.

The skills and knowledge I gained through my organizations have allowed me to recognize my strengths and weaknesses. As I mentioned earlier, time management was a key strength that allowed me to remain organized and complete assignments in advance for my academic and organizational commitments. In addition, my ability to remain empathetic in any difficult situation has allowed me to collaborate with people from different cultures. Although I utilize my strengths most of the time, I do have areas in which I need to improve on. When an outcome is not what I expect, I tend to get flustered, assuming I will not be able to accomplish my tasks. Despite these challenging situations, I learned through experience how to gradually overcome unexpected situations and become adaptive in various environments.

Overcoming weakness is difficult, but it was possible for me through my organizations that provided me with the opportunities to improve. In order to improve my adaptability, I took on multiple leadership positions that challenged me to face many unexpected situations and pushed me to make effective decisions. As the senior physical therapy aide at Ventura Orthopedics, I participated in quarterly staff meetings and was in charge of new aide training and education. In addition, I have exhibited leadership within the classroom by stimulating intelligent discussions amongst my peers during group research projects.

Furthermore, I hope to enroll in your DPT program because of the opportunities and environment that will optimize my learning to become an effective physical therapist. The opportunities your facility provides for physical therapy students to interact with other healthcare students is unlike any other and will prepare me as a professional in a variety of settings. Additionally, the easily accessible faculty members appeal to me because I will be able to learn about their experiences beyond the class setting. Most importantly, the 99% pass rate for the National Physical Therapy Examination (NPTE) shows the successful outcome of a great curriculum that will enable me to serve as a physical therapist as soon as I graduate.

As someone who is passionate about learning and the human experience, I hope to continue to pursue my dream of becoming a physical therapist at your institution and make a lasting impact on those around me. It would be a privilege to join a cohort of scholars that can carry on the great reputation you have created at your institution.

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