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Physiotherapy personal statement example

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  • Published: 28th June 2019
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I first got interested in this career through a family friend who is a physiotherapist, she briefly described her working life where she was able to work with different people with physical limitations and explained the process of how she helped them overcome their difficulties in life. This piqued my interest even more because I was always keen on doing sports and having loved the subject biology, definitely played a part in my decision to pursue physiotherapy.

I have always been deeply fascinated with our human body, my curiosity has always laid on the mechanisms of body and how trillions of cells in our body work together to allow us to perform our daily tasks. This quench for answers not only fueled my desire in this career but further ignite the passion to help others with this given knowledge. Hence, I chose to develop my career pathway in the UK because of its widely known education system that promotes task and project based learning, preparing the student to face communicative and organizational situations with confidence and efficiency.

While attending my high school in Malaysia, I was a school athlete and prefect. My involvement in sports, specifically in volleyball and track and field, guides my desire to help out injured athletes as a sports physiotherapist. Besides the accomplishments I achieved as an athlete, I also cultivated valuable soft skills attributes that allow me to progress and adapt rapidly in my secondary education. I was taught how to handle things efficiently under pressure as I was constantly being pushed to my limits as a prefect, I learned how to communicate and cooperate well with my teammates when I played volleyball and this was really helpful in teamwork projects.

In the last year, I have had many useful work experiences. I shadowed a physiotherapist at a private clinic for about 3 months and it was then when I realized the impact a physiotherapist can have on the wellbeing of their patient and the invaluable changes to a person’s quality of life.

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