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Medicine personal statement example (3)

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  • Published: 19th December 2019
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Founding the non- profit organisation “MedicineMeLTD” is the biggest step I have taken thus far in order to uplift the world of medicine. Aspiring to generate funding through my website “www.medicineme.org”, I regularly post scientific articles relating to less commonly known diseases such as ALS or alopecia. Site members vote in order to decide upon which research charity is donated to by the pooled funds of that particular month. My passion for change stemmed from an essay I wrote to satisfy my interest in ALS. I expected the internet to be saturated with information but much to my surprise, it was difficult to come across any knowledge able to quench my curiosity; only surface level youtube videos were available. I resorted to read several different experimental research papers, taking evidence from each to reach a conclusion. The prevalence of a mis-folded version of the HNRNPA2B1 protein in ALS patients was highlighted by one paper whilst another described an experiment which showed that the mitochondria in cells is where aggregates of mis-folded proteins are recycled. Eventually, I stipulated the cause of premature cell death in a group of ALS patients; oxidative stress imposed due to the mitochondria being “clogged” with aggregations of RNA- binding proteins. This shows that I am able to, with an interest, analyse information and draw conclusions, a skill profoundly essential when reviewing and creating patient reports.

My regular presence at the debate society in my school has profusely benefited my thought process, allowing me to impartially and effectively weigh-up arguments; a skill crucially required as a doctor in order to decide upon what course of treatment is best for each individual patient; a skill that has placed me in the Swansea Debate Novice finals during my first competition. As a result of attending a Medical Work Observation Program, I was able to view an ACL surgery in which a tendon of the knee was reconstructed. The fragile environment inspires me to pursue becoming a surgeon. The cop-oration required between surgeons is an example of one of the many skills I, after observing first hand, strive to perfect. Shadowing a consultant and Ward-rounds at this program was pivotal in broadening my communication skills to be compatible with patients. However, this is not the only time in which I have had contact with a sensitive cohort. Children, in both Caerleon Day Nursery and an Orphanage in Lahore, relied on my leadership and decision making skills as I, often with ease, resolved any disagreements. I have also developed valuable judgement skills from being a constant carer to my younger brother Bilal who suffers from downs syndrome.

Reading William Osler’s “The evolution of modern medicine” cemented a lesson I had already learn’t; you cannot cure all disease. My mother suffered from metastasised ovarian cancer and in the last month of her life, I viewed first hand the meaning of palliative care. Many candidates may recognise the importance of medicine as an Art but in having dealt with my mothers death, I have seen first hand the way doctors behave in this situations. Attributes of resilience are evident in my personality when considering the stressful year I’ve faced with my mothers passing. Adding to this was the stringent environment of my Sixth Form, from which I thought I would loose my hard earned scholarship. Despite this, I persevered and managed to attain the maximum grades achievable in my AS examinations. Further to this, I self taught a unit of A2 maths and sat the exam a year early all whilst attending debate and nasa club with the addition of going to the gym and maintaining a healthy social life. This shows my ambitious spirit, even in times of distress and is exactly why I feel enabled to be in pursuit of the rigorous degree of medicine and the diligent life as a doctor after it.


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