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Medicine personal statement (1)

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  • Published: 13th September 2019
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My motivation to study medicine is due to my desire to become a person who can help those in need in urgent situations. Furthermore, studying science, particularly biology and chemistry, fulfils my eagerness to know the mechanism and explanation to life, especially our bodies. Although I know that studying and practicing medicine is extremely hard and full of pressure , I am strongly convinced by myself that this is the pathway I would like to pursue.

I decide to study medicine in UK is because of my experience in studying A-level here. During time here, my ability to think in many aspect and communication skills improved a lot, as teachers constantly ask questions in class and have discussion with students. Furthermore, teachers pay great patience in taking care of those who are fallen behind. This style of teaching in UK convinced me that this is the right choice and will build up all the essential abilities in me for being a medical practitioner.

As an international student studying miles away from home, I have learned to be independent and resilient. Facing not only academic pressure but also difficulty to communicate with people from different countries with vary cultural backgrounds made me struggled in the beginning. However, I made good friends and gain support networks eventually, which helped me overcome study problems and lead to a successful results. Although the studies are still stressful, I still manage to do some extracurricular activities. I jog around the campus four times a week and I play football and table tennis with friends once a week. These events help me relieve my tensed mind and can carry on my studies with a stronger mind power and positive mood.

In addition to A-level subjects, I also participated in Biology Olympiad, which result in bronze medal, and Physics Olympiad, ending up with a silver medal. Being a student who studies subjects in Chinese, I had to take lots of time to translate my known knowledge into English. During the process, I analysed my time and made an intense study plan to follow.

By managing my time wisely and persisting to the end, I made huge progress in my knowledge and had a satisfying grades.Moreover, I also did an abortion presentation in medical ethic class. After researching and working with the group, I realised that practising medicine can have lots of aspect to consider, such as religious thoughts and whose decision, and have a variety of cases among different patients. Listening and communicating with respect are key roles in medicine.

I also joined medical discussion group, which is a held by students and can share our thoughts about medical news, and participated in master courses, a surgical workshop. Reading medical books, such as ‘’ Do No Harm’’, in my free time also enhance my desire for medical knowledge and study medicine.

At the beginning of my second term, I volunteered to welcome January A-level students and made great effort to show my friendliness. They were greatly cheered up when I tried to communicate with them in their own languages. I was able to empathise with the new students as I was in the same situation a few months before them. As a result, I know the insecurity for being in a new environment that is far away from home and most importantly, being alone.

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