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Medicine personal statement (2)

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  • Published: 13th September 2019
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My curiosity and passion for science began at quite a young age. It never fails to amaze me how everything in this world involves science. The best part is that there is still more to learn, discover, and solve which is difficult but exciting. The idea of helping and caring for people with the use of science appeals to me as the perfect career and more importantly it is a career that I believe I would genuinely enjoy doing. Volunteering at the Eastbury care home in the small town of Sherborne was when I realised that helping people is the most rewarding feeling while I worked closely with elderly people. Even the littlest things like taking an elderly person out on a walk would put a smile on my face. This was when I knew that studying medicine would be perfect for me as it is involves a combination of science and aiding people.

I am currently representing my school for the NHS Patient Participation Group which involves regular meetings with other volunteer patients, the practice manager and GP of the Bute House Surgery in Sherborne where we discuss the services on offer, and how improvements can be made for the benefit of patients and the practice and aim of making sure that the practice puts the patient, and improving health, at the heart of everything it does. Being part of this group has helped me discuss and communicate with people of all ages which boosted my confidence to make important decisions and has also allowed me to experience what it is like to be in a clinical environment. In addition, I plan to shadow a GP in Scotland in the summer for 2 weeks where I can find out more about being in a clinical environment.

For my Gold Duke of Edinburgh award, I volunteered at the Sherborne Abbey Primary School where I taught maths to Year 5 students. This helped me learn a lot about being able to deal with children and how to easily interact with them. Doing Gold Duke of Edinburgh has also taught me 3 major skills: teamwork, leadership, and commitment which I think would greatly help me in the future, especially when studying medicine. I also completed the St John\’s Ambulance first aid course which prepared me to deal with emergency incidents.

Along with doing A-level Biology and Chemistry, doing Maths A-level has improved my accuracy skills as well as my problem solving skills which I believe is vital when becoming a doctor. I also learnt basic French and Arabic in school which I am sure will me in the future to communicate better in different cultures.

In parallel with my academic work, I do sports and other extras curricular activities to balance out my lifestyle. These include volleyball, netball, dance, and I am starting guitar lessons in a few months. Not only has doing sports taught me that teamwork is crucial in life, but it has also taught me that it is your mindset and the effort that you put in that will get you where you want to be which plays an important role in wanting to study medicine.

Medicine is a very long, tough and competitive career but all the hard work and effort will be worth it.

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