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Politics personal statement (3)

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From a young age, I have always been interested in what happens around the world and why certain groups of people were more advantaged than others, so it stood to reason for why my interest in politics has grown as much as it has over my years in education. My time in secondary education gave me a vague understanding of the well-known political parties that were competing in the British parliamentary system, yet no real grasp of the subject.

The 2015 general election was unquestionably what finalised my decision in wanting to study politics further. As political parties began promoting their policies it became apparent how much it affected my life, even as a non-voter. This made me become very passionate about political participation, as everyone should have the right to their voices being heard. This is especially important as a young person as those who are under eighteen are not represented in Parliament or government, so decisions such as raising tuition fees are not influenced by the people whom it affects.

Throughout the process of selecting my A-levels, I wanted to challenge myself with a subject different from the standard options I had been used to throughout my schooling life, and I was drawn to politics and government. Studying this not only increased my awareness and interest in current affairs but also allowed me to form political opinions of my own. I was learning more and more information involving the political systems and being introduced to the ideologies of other nations – and this especially caught my attention. Studying this subject at school gave me the amazing opportunity to visit the British Houses of Parliament in Westminster which I am grateful for as it strengthened my interest in the subject of politics into a dream of wanting to pursue a future in the matter. Furthermore, my English Literature A-Level further sharpened my analytical skills, while also requiring detailed yet precise essays, creating a valid argument and judgement.

At school, I felt it was important to be a role model for the younger years, this motivated me to become a Lead Prefect in both secondary education and sixth form. Working with other prefect students and staff to become a mentor for the younger years was a rewarding experience which helped to develop my leadership, organisation and communication skills. Being a part of my school community was something I found important and hope to continue through my time at university.

Outside of sixth form, my interests lie in music, literature and socialising with friends. These assisted in providing a healthy balance between my study and leisure time. I have also had a part-time job in retail, which, I feel, shows my ability to be responsible, balance priorities successfully and to work as part of a functional team.

The notion of studying politics excites me and I look forward to the challenge that me undertaking a degree will bring. My motivation along with the skills I have achieved over the years will not only assist me in coping with the pressure but will also enable me to make a real contribution to the course.

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