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Engineering personal statement example

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  • Published: 30th June 2019
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I have always been fascinated by the nature of engineering, applying scientific theory to design, not just looking at the exterior of a machine but actually seeing how its interior workings allow it to function.

I have always jumped at the opportunity to study engineering to fulfil my curiosity, I took it as a subject at GCSE which aided me in designing an entirely new clamp from scratch, which I eventually produced as a CAD inside of Autodesk, however this only peaked my curiosity even more as I now understood the design aspect of engineering yet desired to understand the mathematics and theory behind it. So, to further develop this interest I took maths and physics as an A level, which I believe are both strong subjects of mine and will definitely prove useful.

All of this combined has strongly pushed me towards a career in engineering, especially in mechanical, as I always found solving a problem using basic theory satisfying, and studying it at university would definitely be my best area.

When looking at new engineering technologies in secondary school I realised that everything relies on computers, hence I was motivated to develop exceptional computer skills from then on. To achieve this I took computer science as a GCSE, which I obtained an A in, as well as take part in an ECDL course on Microsoft office to enhance my computing skills. I feel that with all of this combined with my A levels it would be a perfect combination for mechanical engineering.

Currently I am studying maths, physics and psychology as my three options, I feel like these are a great combination for what I aspire to study at university.

Firstly, maths is probably my best subject as it is the one I enjoy the most and excel at, it helps me develop skills such as critical thinking, problem solving and analytical thinking, all of which will be great skills to help me study engineering as it will assist me in solving the mathematical problems surrounding the theory.

Whereas physics has helped me develop skills such as a pragmatic and analytical approach to problems, with sensible reasoning so I can construct arguments to help grasp and solve complex problems.

Finally, psychology has gave me skills which I couldn’t have gained in maths or physics as both are quite independent studies, while psychology allowed me to gain teamwork and leadership skills as well as academic writing and presentation skills.

To close, I believe I am equipped with the initiative and problem solving skills to handle any complex task presented to me. Hence why I am enthusiastic about engineering and are very adamant about pursuing it as a career.

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