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Philosophy BA (Hons) Personal Statement Example

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  • Published: 19th July 2023
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Ever since my first encounter with Descartes’ “I think, therefore I am” in my high school philosophy class, I have been captivated by the world of philosophy. The beauty in the metamorphosis of abstract thoughts into intricate hypotheses and conclusions is the main reason I have chosen to pursue BA (Hons) Philosophy as my undergraduate course. Combined with my innate tendency to question, analyze, and probe, the study of philosophy becomes a perfect fit.

Exploring different perspectives, examining the nuances of ethical theories, questioning existence, and interpreting human emotions and actions – each aspect of Philosophy sparks my curiosity and excites me. Having pursued rigorous coursework in Philosophy, Psychology, and Sociology in my high school, my academic background aligns perfectly with the course.

I had the opportunity to engage in a six-month internship at the local community center as a philosophical counselor due to my acumen in the subject. This exposure allowed me to apply philosophic tenets and theories to practical scenarios and bring about effective resolution strategies. This experience, coupled with my work as a debate club president, honed my analytical and critical thinking skills, effectively preparing me for the demands of the course.

Events in life, both personal and observed, often strike me with their philosophical implications. Growing up with a hearing-impaired sibling, my life has been a journey of understanding perspectives, considering moral and ethical questions, and learning to appreciate the multiplicity of reality. This experience constantly encourages me to delve deeper into philosophy’s intricacies.

Achieving the top delegate award at the Model United Nations Conference, where I presented an analysis on ethical aspects relating to the Syrian crisis, was a proud moment for me. It validated my analytical skills, my capacity to dissect complex issues, and my ability to persuasively communicate my findings and viewpoints.

My critical thinking skills, empathetic understanding, and a knack for effective communication make me a suitable candidate for the BA (Hons) Philosophy course. I can retain a degree of detachment needed to objectively examine philosophic theories and simultaneously empathize with varied viewpoints.

As for my career, I aspire to be a philosopher-counselor or an ethical consultant in a global organization where I can use philosophical insight to tackle practical issues faced by individuals or organizations. By employing an intellectual examination of motives, beliefs, and attitudes, combined with empathy, patience, and communication skills, I hope to stimulate thoughtful discourse and bring about effective solutions.

In my view, philosophy’s relevance extends far beyond classic theories, particularly in today’s context where Artificial Intelligence (AI) isn’t merely a buzzword, but a transformative reality. To understand and contribute effectively to the growing AI debate, I believe it is crucial for one to possess a finely tuned philosophical perspective grounded in ethics, consciousness, and cognition.

Can a machine possess mind or consciousness? Can it intentionally bring harm to humans? We are stepping into an era where these profound philosophical questions have practical implications. My interest extends to probing these questions, attempting to explore if limits exist for machine intelligence in problem-solving. I see my philosophical study as instrumental in equipping me with the necessary intellectual tools to address and navigate these complex contemporary issues where technology intertwines with philosophy.

To ensure machines behave ethically and pose no threat to humans, we need more than just advanced coders – we need philosophical thinkers in AI development teams. These teams need balanced thinkers who can provide perspective not just on the ‘how’ but the ‘why’ and ‘what if’ behind AI. I am excited at the prospect of bringing together my understanding of technology, the intricacies of the human mind, and the moral and ethical principles that guide human behavior to play a role in shaping our AI-driven future.

I plan on incorporating this AI-focused lens as part of my potential future role as a philosopher-counselor or an ethical consultant, keeping my philosophical approach modern and relevant.

This additional layer of Philosophy’s application can be inserted after the paragraph where I discuss my aspirations, thereby providing an insightful connection between my future career plans and the contemporary relevance of philosophy. It further emphasizes my keen awareness of Philosophy’s role in addressing pressing modern-day issues and demonstrates my preparation to utilize my philosophical expertise in a variety of ways.

In essence, philosophy, for me, is a way of life – an astounding exploration of intriguing concepts that go on to color my interactions, my vision of the world, and my approach to challenges. I am eager to delve deeper into its oceanic depth, engage in thoughtful discussions, and bring to light philosophic interpretations that could potentially change perspectives. By selecting me for this course at your esteemed institution, you would be facilitating my ambition to contribute positively to society with a philosophic perspective.

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