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English literature degree personal statement

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  • Published: 18th June 2021
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Over the course of my education, I have developed an interest in both English literature and history. This interest has taken root from learning about topics such as: American Civil Rights, particularly the notion of fighting an oppressive system, which can be found throughout the history of the world. This captivated me as I felt that representation of minorities is a current issue across many nations; therefore learning about the past may help construct a better future. My passion for English has stemmed from multiple genre , my personal favourite being gothic literature such as ‘The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde‘ and ‘The yellow wallpaper’ these novellas have sinister elements and alternative interpretations which is a key interest of mine.

I visit the library which I can use to my advantage for researcher or revision that will help me in my exams as I am studying A-levels. In year 10 and 11, I was able to complete and achieve the Duke of Edinburgh bronze award, which helped me develop new skills beyond the classroom as it taught me to handle various situations efficiently. Furthermore D of E gave me plenty opportunities such as volunteering or learning a new skill in order to receive an award. I chose to attend the gym and participate in a school play ‘We will Rock You’ which expanded my confidence and my creativity which has benefitted me as a student, as I am creative within my ideas and the how I study. I would class myself as a leader when it comes to working in a team, as I contribute ideas and take leadership in group. This increases my confident and allows my creativity to flourish especially when I am studying subjects like English Literature and Drama, which allows me to stand out amongst the group, this is important for these courses as they require individuality. I am a hard-working, committed individual through my studies as I take pride within my work. As well as this enthusiasm is another trait that I possess as when I am faced with new challenges I have the determination to overcome them. I have gained responsibility through past experiences e.g. having the role of a prefect in my high school, allowing me to understand the importance of independence. This also allowed me to be involved in a lot of dynamics that makes a good leader, these included: ability to delegate, motivate and communication.

I have a part time job at McDonalds as a crew member. During this position I have an insight into the working world, which I believe was a crucial turning point as I gained life-long skills in such a demanding environment. This prepares me for a future course as this similar experience highlighted how I am a quick learner. Throughout this experience I needed to have excellent communication skills, and a high level of confidence as I was had to work in a team to get tasks done. However independent was as key as teamwork, due to the fact of making decisions alone, not relying on others assistance. As well as this McDonalds gave me financial experience as I understood the importance of saving and understanding terminology within finance which I previously was unaware of. In addition as an A level student I had demanding assignments to complete, meaning that I had to have excellent time managing skills to balance my time to get tasks done as well as work.

In the future I may wish to progress into journalism or teaching. I chose teaching as a possibility because I have caring assets, communication and the right amount of confidence due to my A level Drama course. In continuation teaching (and journalism) dependent upon organisation skills as I have always kept my work in systematic order. The topics within teaching personally fascinate me which I believe is crucial to have enjoyment from certain career as you are more likely to progress in them. While studying these subjects I always wanted to explore more in-depth and teach others as my passion may influence them within their interests.


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