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Medical school personal statement example (Doctor)

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  • Published: 21st October 2021
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Appreciating the rare chance of life I have been granted has lead me to make the most of it by using it to better the world and help those around me. This outlook has lead me to confirm, after becoming better aware of the responsibilities of the profession, I want to be a doctor.

One opportunity that led me to this conclusion was volunteering at a hospital. Here I observed the importance of empathy as a doctor, as when this approach was employed it allowed patients to open up and form trust. Eagerly I followed the same approach to better understand the way a doctor must communicate, which mutually enhanced my competence in other roles, particularly that of a peer mentor, which involves working with pupils in school on sensitive issues such  as sexual health and drugs. For me, conversing with patients was the most enjoyable aspect of volunteering, as it allowed me to comfort the more distressed patients, which always gave me a huge sense of fulfilment.

As part of medic insight, I shadowed a doctor on the respiratory ward of a hospital. I became aware of how active doctors’ jobs are, as we were constantly switching from one task to the next. This emphasized how significant good communication between doctors, nurses, and patients is. All staff were aware of each patient’s condition and worked in an interdisciplinary team to keep the ward running. I still consider this one of my most enjoyable work experiences, as the organisation that emerged from such a rush was incredible. I also found the “Hello my name is” approach the doctors took when meeting with each patient admiring, as this immediately developed a mutual respect, prior to asking questions to extract the history and symptoms of each patient.

Through Reach, I shadowed a medical student at university. A lecture on the epidemiology of coronary heart disease allowed me to comprehend that doctors do not only learn to treat people, but must also appreciate the extensive causes and factors that increase the risk of disease. This was something I had never considered before, but came to realise its significance in terms of battling diseases. It made me further appreciate the wide range of knowledge a doctor must possess, which in turn is a factor that drives me further towards wanting to pursue a career as a doctor.

In the summer holiday, I took part in a Sutton Trust summer school, where I attended medicine classes for a week. I became aware of differences between medical students and other students at university. Medical students are considered doctors in training from their first day so must conduct themselves in a more professional manner than other students would have to. I  learned how essential this professionalism is for a career in medicine, as doctors must also  employ professional behaviours, such as following medical ethics.

In free time, I enjoy keeping up with current medical news. News that particularly interested me was the use of CRISPR-CAS9 in an embryo, to remove a gene that can cause Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, as during the summer holiday I took part in a Nuffield research placement where I used CRISPR technology to delete genes in yeast cells.

As head girl, I have developed leadership skills that have also strengthened my ability to  work as part of a team and communicate effectively. This role, along with being a “My World of Work” ambassador, house captain and running after school masterclasses for younger pupils, has also improved my organisational skills. Through the experiences I have had, I have come to learn that each of these are skills essential for a doctor to possess.

I do not underestimate the difficulty of a doctor’s job. However, I am persevering and prospect of a career in which I would be continuously learning, challenging myself, and a to positively impact on peoples lives, excites me. I hope and aspire that one day I will be able to look back as a doctor and know I made good use of this life that I have been granted.

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