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Finance personal statement example

This personal statement is a great example of an application to study finance at college or university.

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My interest in this area started during high school when I took business law and accounting. My enthusiasm to learn how businesses operate grown because I kept learning how to manage businesses and their finance. What was fascinating then is that I always tried to find out how the oil and gas business manage its economy, and the operation of the financial market. Though I chose to major in Petroleum Engineering, it interests me how finance professionals have the responsibility of managing assets and analyzing risks for a company or organizations future success. I have decided to pursue my graduate studies in finance base on my knowledge of the importance of finance and my interest of the subject. http://www.personal-statement-examples.com

A master’s degree in finance would complement my undergraduate degree in Petroleum Engineer. My background in petroleum engineering provides me with knowledge over topics like differential and integral calculus, probability theory, random distributions, correlation, regression, numerical techniques as well as familiarity with statistics and data analysis. I learned the basic principle of finance in Accounting. I have read a number of books on the subject from “The Intelligent Investor” to “Rich Dad Poor Dad” in order to expand my knowledge of the different areas in finance. I believe that books and magazines has given me revelation about topics not covered at school, for example There was unrest among the workforce in Chinese factories due to Chinese workers’ dislikes towards Japanese management. This has affected the share price of companies such as Toyota. Reading about them made me realize the importance of Finance and the economy and how it influences everybody\’s lives, which peaked my interest to further study the field.

While in College, I worked part-time to gain experience and financially support my education. I worked as a cashier in HEB, responsible for taking cash, credit cards, or checks from customers in exchange for goods and service. I learned to effectively communicate with customers while providing the necessary service in order to give customers a positive experience. I also community service chair for the National Society for Black Engineer. I planned, scheduled and executed community service events, and collaborated with public relations chairperson and members about community service endeavours. I also held fundraising events which gave me the opportunity to work with finance chair and learn how the organization is operating. My experience with the organizations reinforced my decision to devote my future career in finance.

After earning my master’s degree, I hope to work for an oil and gas company such as Schlumberger or ExxonMobil as a financial professional. The technical expertise and professional skills the university provide will prepare me for the trials that I will encounter. In my career, I hope to help institutions use their resources to the greatest advantage. I am confident that I can handle the programs demands, and I greatly appreciate your consideration.

7th February 2017

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