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Nursing personal statement (2)

An example personal statement for a nursing course or degree, to inspire your own.

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  • Nursing personal statement (2)
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For three years I have tried to pursue a career in the healthcare sector but my A-level grades were not suitable (respectable) enough for me to study Medicine. This did not stop me; I applied to accounting and finance at Birkbeck College of London and I am now due to finish my first year. For 9 months I have felt out of place. This is when it was apparent that pursing a career in the healthcare sector was where I was going to find my permanent happiness. With the encouragement of family and friends I have decided to apply, regardless of applying in June.

My desire to enter this field grew when I myself was hospitalised not long ago and witnessed the satisfaction and reward that the nurses who took care of me received. During my gap year, I arranged work experience across the healthcare sector to prepare me for what I will be exposed to if I pursued a career in medicine. Shadowing a dentist in London and two dentists abroad in the Middle East and Africa, allowed me to gain vital skills, one of which was communicational skills. Many patients would describe their symptoms both verbally and non-verbally. For example, when the patient was in pain. This required the dentist and I, to listen carefully and understand their body language, which involved patience. This also taught me to be very gentle, kind and comforting towards the patients. In addition, I was able to tolerate physical demands when under pressure and a deadline. This skill is crucial as it states that I’m able to meet tough deadlines when completing coursework and case studies during my study periods.

Working abroad and in such a busy environment has raised my cultural awareness and it has helped me become more organised. This experience constantly presents that careers in the healthcare sector is multi-faceted. Thus, to be a successful nurse, one must have an exceptional nurse-patient relationship and the ability to work efficiently in team-oriented and self-directed environments. Also, being punctual is an important skill I have grown into; it allows work to happen effectively; therefore assuring your patients are happy.

My interests have always been rooted in science and as a nurse, it\’s important to have a thorough and sound knowledge of medicine and pharmacology to be able to treat patients safely. I have gained experience in public speaking through various charity work and academic activities. As the leader of the Young Enterprise charity project and the captain of my school\’s basketball team, I am equipped with the necessary skills that will serve me in nursing school and allow me to succeed. For example, basketball physically trained my hand-eye coordination which increased my manual dexterity. Voluntarily, I took on a mentoring role in my sixth form, which involved aiding year 7’s with their homework. These sessions have not only allowed me to alter and adapt to the language that young students use, but I also developed a greater understanding of people and a trusting and caring relationship with each child. I have achieved a silver Duke of Edinburgh award and I am working towards the gold award that will extremely challenge me and uncover hidden talents.

I know nothing but success will be the outcome of this course. Taking care of patients and helping others is the main reason why I want to be involved in an environment that aids those in need. And I cannot succeed this goal without attending university.

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