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Medical science personal statement example (2)

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The human body is one of the most intricate and complex forms of life to have existed. Over the course of time, especially in recent years, extensive research and acquiring knowledge of the human body has allowed healthcare to make incredible advances enabling us to maintain healthy populations and to find new methods of treatment for diseases. Discovering medical advances, such as being able to stop the heart and drain the body of the blood for surgical procedures such as the removal of blood clots in the lungs and for ‘off-pump’ bypass surgery, has fascinated and interested me in studying in more detail about the science behind medicine and healthcare. In the future I would like to work as a healthcare professional and make a difference by working within a challenging but rewarding hospital environment.

(skills from subjects)

I particularly enjoy studying the important process of homeostasis and the function of the kidney in Biology. In addition to this, last year at AS level, I enjoyed studying the Transport in Animals topic, especially studying about the heart in further detail. I also liked learning about the digestive system and this helped me to link together all the organs involved and their multitude functions within the entire process.

I am looking forward to learning about the nervous system as it is a topic, I am not familiar with in detail. In chemistry I have learnt about chemical kinetics, why certain factors such as catalysts can affect the rate of reaction and a more accurate and reliable method to calculate the rate of reaction at any given time during the reaction. This can be heavily linked to biology where the rate of reaction in reactions involving enzymes are often discussed in various biological processes. I am looking forward to learning in more depth about carboxylic acids, continuing from the previous year at AS level, when I grasped the context of carboxylic acids and their properties in the topic of organic chemistry. Despite the challenging nature of mathematics, especially at A-level, I particularly enjoy studying applied mathematics, where the questions are presented in context to a problem. I have developed new skills such as hypothesis testing and the use of statistical tables to solve statistical questions.

From the Advanced Welsh Baccalaureate, I have developed many skills. For example, I worked with two other people, to devise a proposal to develop a community centre in a vacant space. As well as taking on the project management role I was responsible for the project finances, important transferable skills. I also developed my time management, organisation and planning skills as we had to ensure that we met very strict deadlines for the project.

(Digital literacy/Secondary research, Presentation individual project NHS independent research and analysis skills)

Whilst doing work experience this summer at a care home, I developed skills such as working within a large team and communicating effectively as well as new skills such as patient care, through interacting with the residents to ensure that I provided them with the comfort and care they required. In the summer of 2016, I was fortunate to volunteer in Delhi, India. I joined an NGO called the Young Association, I helped teach children Mathematics and English in the Dallupura slum for two weeks. This experience helped me to develop my teamwork skills, communication skills by communicating effectively and concisely when teaching, as well as my creativity and adaptability skills as I planned the lessons and their contents.

Outside of college, I continue to develop important skills, such as discipline, leadership and self-motivation through many years of playing football and volleyball. Recently, I have started listening to a podcast series called ‘Antidotes, Stories in Medicine’. The podcast, presented by an American nurse practitioner, has revealed to me what it is like to a healthcare professional in a challenging environment, discussed the highs and lows that come with various jobs in healthcare. In the next few weeks, I will be attending an event called the ‘Emergency and Pre-hospital Medicine Careers Evening’, I believe this event will give me a greater idea of what it is like to be a healthcare professional.

I am confident that my interest in the science of the human body and the compassion I witnessed during my work experience, motivates me to pursue a career in medical science and make a positive difference in people’s lives.

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