Medical science personal statement example

Medical science personal statement example - preview

The human body is one of the most intricate and complex forms of life to have existed. Over the course of time, especially in recent years, extensive research and acquiring knowledge of the human body has allowed healthcare to make incredible advances enabling us to maintain healthy populations and to find new methods of treatment for diseases. Discovering medical advances, such as being able to stop the heart and drain the body of the blood for surgical procedures such as the removal of blood clots in the lungs and for ‘off-pump’ bypass surgery, has fascinated and interested me in studying in more detail about the science behind medicine and healthcare. In the future I would like to work as a healthcare professional and make a difference by working within a challenging but rewarding hospital environment.

(skills from subjects) I particularly enjoy studying the important process of homeostasis and the function of the kidney in Biology. In addition to this, last year at AS level, I enjoyed studying the Transport in Animals topic, especially studying about the heart in further detail. I also liked learning about the digestive system and this helped me to link together all the organs involved and their multitude functions within the entire process.

I am looking forward to learning about the nervous system as it is a topic, I am not familiar with in detail. In chemistry I have learnt about chemical kinetics, why certain factors such as catalysts can affect the rate of reaction and a more accurate and reliable method to calculate the rate of reaction at any given time during the reaction. This can be heavily linked to biology where the rate of reaction in reactions involving enzymes are often discussed in various biological processes. I am looking forward to learning in more …

Nursing personal statement example

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I would like to study Nursing at University because I feel it will lead me into a career that I’ve always wanted to do as well as giving me the chance helping people’s mental well-being. It would give me the opportunity to study something that I am very interested in. One of the areas I am most interested in is mental health nursing, a career that needs patience and empathy, and which could be especially rewarding in terms of the help I could give. Having family who have mainly had careers in the care industry, I know how it important it is for me to follow in their footsteps to help others.

My career plans are centered in the future of the NHS. I would like to go into a working friendly community of nursing working for the NHS Mental Health Nursing would satisfy me helping others with their needs and seeing them to better health.

Currently I am a support worker for adults with learning difficulties. I have been doing this since September 2017. I have worked with service users with autism, many with mental health problems such as: Bipolar, OCD, General Anxiety Disorder, Depression, Schizophrenia, ADHD and Dementia. I have worked with service users between the age of 17 to 65. Out of the 14 individuals, 8 have Epilepsy. I am very interested in helping people with additional needs as I feel as though it’s a career path I want to carry on to university to do a Mental Health Nursing. This inspired me to carry out a career in Mental Health nursing, as I would like to learn more about health care and develop my knowledge and practical skills to qualify me to be able to practice as a nurse. I have done an official accredited first …

Adult nursing personal statement example

Adult nursing personal statement example

Having worked in the financial sector for eight years I thought I needed a career change, when I joined my husband abroad. I was contemplating on the sector to branch until I arrived at a decision to study nursing. This was after my mom was sick at the point of death. The most painful aspect was all these while I was with her, she showed no sign of sickness until I relocated. I could not bear the emotional trauma because doctors could not diagnose her sickness, got weaker by the day, lost a lost of blood and reduced much weight. Some nurses showed no caring attitude towards her. Instead of encouraging her, they made her lose hope. Eventually, a family friend recommended one good hospital where they diagnosed her with a cyst and had to undergo a surgical operation. This was successful, and she recovered with time. Mom confessed the nurses were so kind to her. My joy knew no bounds and I realized how valuable healthcare professionals were to our society.

The fields of nursing are enormous but want to become an adult nurse because as a healthcare assistant working in a care and nursing home, I have grown to enjoy working with adults of different ages and backgrounds. I help with their personal care such as washing, toileting, feeding, mobility, getting up and going to bed. This has made me aware of how vulnerable they are. Showing them a compassionate love and care so they would not lack emotional support and feel devalued is vital to me. I have built trusting and respectful relationships with them and gets the opportunity to interact with their families. Seeing nurses administer medication to residents, writing care plans, checking patients’ progress, among their day-to-day duties is something I admire and serves as …

Biology personal statement example

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My aim is to make a contribution to the scientific community. I want to make a difference to peoples lives. I’ve come to realise from independent study the vast spectrum that Biology encompasses and how ground-breaking research can really make a difference.

My childhood fascination with Biology grew as I began to study the subject in more depth at A-level. A level Biology acted as a springboard for my further independent reading as the more I learned, the more I wanted to learn, in order to expand my knowledge and understanding of key Biological principles. Further reading has in particular reinforced my interest in cellular Biology. It thoroughly fascinates me to think how organelles function as a perfect system and the elaborate way in which cells interact with each other. This aspect of Biology intrigues me with its complexity.
During A-level biology, I have been in my element while carrying out more advanced experiments and learning techniques that will aid me in laboratory work in the future, such as the importance of the aseptic technique and sterilisation. On reflection, by carrying out these experiments, I have especially learned how important attention to detail is in order to prevent inaccuracies in my results and come to a clear conclusion.

Recently I have been engrossed in the book ‘How we live and why we die’ by Lewis Wolpert, due to the fact that it encompasses my interest in Cellular Biology, as well as evolutionary aspects such as the endosymbiosis theory. The book captures my imagination by discussing how cells truly are the building blocks of life, after all, we all formed from just one cell. Having previously read an article on the rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, which captivated me as it discussed how agricultural use of antibiotics is linked to the evolutionary …

Aviation personal statement

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My name is Sergeant Jxxxxxxx Txxx and I have been a member of xxx Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron for the past five years. I am writing this narrative to express my interest in the Glider Pilot Scholarship. I believe that this course offers Cadets a unique opportunity to explore the many aspects of the aviation field and I believe that I am a very capable candidate to attend. When I was thirteen years old, l joined the Air Cadet program hoping to make friends as well as that I would have the opportunity to become a pilot or at least, learn about aviation.

During my first summer training opportunity, I went to the Basic Aviation Course at TCTC, where I learned more about the fundamentals of aviation, as well as experience flight in an open cockpit power plane with the Vintage Wings of Canada organization. In the following summer, attended the Advanced Aviation Course at TCTC, where I continued studying aviation and acquired a Restricted Operator Certificate with Aeronautical Qualification. This year, I began attending ground-school classes and I will write my glider exam for the first time this year. Ever since I joined Air Cadets, I became interested in flight and how planes worked, as well as how to operate them. My senior cadets, who have already aged out, had their glider pilot licenses and they took me up flying. I loved the experience and I know that I want to be a pilot because of this. I have always wanted to fly a glider and glide through the sky. I enjoyed learning about flying in all my ground school classes at my home squadron. My senior cadets have expressed to me how much they loved their Gliding Summer Camp experience and I would greatly appreciate the opportunity …

Nutritional and health sciences personal statement

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According to the United States, there are approximately 678,000 deaths each year because of unhealthy eating diet. Health related problems are one of the major concerns in this 21st century. Health is an issue which will affect not only the individual but also the community. One of the main factors of maintaining an optimum positive health is the food consumption. Lack of nutritional foods will lead to nutrient deficiency diseases. Therefore, individuals will seek for nutritional advice to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The Master program in School of Nutrition and Health Sciences focuses on a variety of areas of nutrition and its relationship to human health and growth in both healthy and non-healthy individuals.

My name is Kxxxxxx Wxx, I am a Bachelor degree holder in Science, majoring in Food Science and Technology. Throughout my studies in Monash University Malaysia, I had learned the skills, concepts and principles of food science and technology. These includes regional food culture, industrial application of food science and technology, types of food materials and manufacturing process. I also studied the qualitative and quantitative analytical skills of foods, laboratory research technique, quality control in food science and technology and food processing. I am an active and enthusiastic student and I am looking forward to join the Master programme in Nutrition and Health Sciences at Taipei Medical University. A Master’s degree in Nutrition and Health Sciences will provide me with diverse career opportunities and allow me to practice nutrition in various areas. This includes public or private health care industry, health administration in governmental and non-governmental organization or institution, research and academia. Furthermore, the master degree in Nutrition and Health Sciences will strengthen my research skills abilities and will pave my way to gain my PhD degree in a similar field later. I have a strong …

Foundations in Clinical Psychology Masters personal statement

Foundations in Clinical Psychology Masters personal statement example - preview

I am extremely self-motivated, organised, flexible and confident in my skills to achieve what is expected of me and beyond, to the best of my ability. I am able to work on my own initiative, under instruction or as part of a team and I believe all these characteristics will aid me in completing the Foundations in Clinical Psychology Masters. Clinical psychology synthesizes my wide-range of interests in a very meaningful way: this course encompasses a variety of things; research, debate, diversity and much more, which are all areas of personal interest.

I graduated from the University of Northampton in the last academic year having achieved a First-Class degree in Psychology. I believe my biggest achievement during my time at university, and something I thoroughly enjoyed conducting, was my dissertation, which was graded A+. My dissertation involved an independent, primary research project, in which I completed a large-scale (433 participants) mediated moderated path analysis on the predicting factors of eating disorders. I explored 4 contributing factors to the development of eating disorders, and ultimately my research indicated that self-criticism and perfectionism significantly predict disordered eating. Perfectionism mediates the relationship between self-criticism and disordered eating as well as difficulties in emotion regulation and disordered eating and fears of compassion moderate the relationship between self-criticism and disordered eating. My dissertation also proposed targets for treatment interventions and highlighted opportunities for future research. My dissertation attracted the attention of the academic staff at the University. I presented at a BPS conference in September 2017 and my research will hopefully be submitted for publication.

My interest in mental health stems from a life-long passion for helping others. I currently work as a Healthcare Assistant at the Darwin Centre for Young People, an NHS children’s psychiatric hospital. In my current position, I provide support and …

Commercial graduate personal statement

Commercial graduate personal statement example

With regards to the Programmed Commercial Graduate Program. I bring to the table not only the necessary skills and knowledge required for the role, but additional real world experience and aptitude that few graduates in my position have. Additionally, I believe the Graduate Program will be the ideal stepping stone to hone my skills through the guided mentorship available, in order to be a valuable asset to Programme’s Corporate Finance division. I am particularly interested in the long term value generated by Public Private Partnerships – bringing lasting change is indeed a fond prospect for many. Being able to integrate industry leading private companies with the public sector part makes this experience even more worthwhile, being part of one of the largest facility management service providers in Australia. Importantly, I am a well rounded team focused player, recognized for my leadership and resilience in tough times. If selected, I will employ these strategies to help achieve the best outcomes for Programmed both in and out of office.

Public Private Partnerships (PPP) are vital to the development of infrastructure in Australia as they allow governments and the private sector to work together and share resources on key projects. In the past three decades, PPPs have been pivotal to the rollout of significant infrastructure projects around the world, with governments in Australia, the UK and Singapore especially favouring the model. PPPs enjoy a good reputation for delivering projects on time and within budget. A study released by the University of Melbourne in 2008 found that PPPs experienced average construction cost over-runs of 4.3 per cent, compared with 18 per cent for the traditionally procured projects [1]. In contrast, the average construction phase delay for the PPPs was 1.4 per cent, compared with 25.9 per cent for the traditionally procured projects. Thus, through …

Business Administration personal statement (Masters)

Business administration personal statement example

In this statement I plan like to introduce myself and express why I would like to apply for the Business Administration master degree program at Southern States University and what I have in mind for my future.

I earned my Bachelor’s in Business Administration at Istanbul Bilgi University. Istanbul Bilgi University is part of the Laureate international network and is one of the biggest and most prestigious universities in Istanbul/Turkey. My undergraduate education has developed my skills within business administration but I strongly believe continuing my studies at Southern States University will positively impact my future career.

My education at Bilgi University started in September 2011. Throughout my university life I have stayed active on campus, joining student clubs and networking at school events. In addition to this I have worked every summer to define my interests and decide about my future career. My first year at Bilgi University was dedicated to learning English. Following that, two years later I went to an extension program at the University of California, Irvine in order to further improve my English language skills. This was my first experience away from home and while I was nervous at first being on my own pushed me to become reliant on my own language skills. At the end of 2013, I worked in the CRM department as a full-time customer representative at Istanbul Bilgi University. This job really aided me in my human relations and crisis management skills. In my third year at Bilgi I worked as a human resources intern for Demsa Group Company, which distributes luxury brands such as Michael Kors, Gucci and Alexander McQueen in Turkey. My work at Demsa taught me inter-corporate relations, I was able to meet people from different cultures and this expanded my perspectives. All these experiences and the …

Marketing & finance personal statement example (Masters)

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I am cordially making an application for admission to a Masters Course in Marketing in your prestigious institution. I am a graduate in marketing having successfully done a BBA Honours in Finance and Marketing from Lahore School of Economics back in 2016. Also, I studied Inter-Commerce at the Defence Degree College and graduated in 2012.

The interest to pursue the master’s program in the United Kingdom was triggered when I was still pursuing a marketing degree course back in Lahore, Pakistan. As a result of my various interests, I believe that pursuing this master’s course in the UK is the best thing that can happen to me.

I am an Ahmadi Muslim originally from Pakistan but currently residing in the United Kingdom as a refugee. The reasons which made me flee Pakistan were the constant threats on my life and wellbeing as an Ahmadi Muslim. Precisely, Ahmadi Muslims represent a minority religious group in Pakistan that has faced persecution for years. The group has been targeted, marginalised and segregated against; for example, recently, a renowned economist Atif Mian was nominated as an adviser to the newly elected Prime Minister Imran Khan. However, there have been numerous protests from religious extremist groups concerning his nomination. This ouster of a high ranking figure such as Mian has resulted in hopelessness among the Ahmadi Muslims including myself. With such persecutions and religious discrimination, there exist reduced chance that individuals like me can succeed in Pakistan.

All these persecutions, marginalisation and discrimination made me flee the country in search of a better place to pursue advanced studies. Thus, the United Kingdom was a haven for me. Being a refugee in the UK, I seek to be admitted to this university to fulfil my dream of attaining a master’s degree in Marketing and Finance.

Ideally, …