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This personal statement is an example for a student looking to study nursing at college or university.

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My wife, mother, sisters are all nurses. I strongly believe that the passion to care for and help people in time of their need runs in my family. Also, having taken a close relative who had stroke to many hospital appointments and saw how nurses, especially one male nurse attend to, care for and help my relative in time of his need touched me and also melted my heart. I am opportune to have been given the opportunity to work in a surgical ward at Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle where on a daily basis I see world class doctors and nurses help patients.

Seeing these nurses helping patients helped to cement my motive to want to become a nurse. However, I want to study nursing because nursing as a career path will be a challenging experience that will give me the chance to care for, help and support my patients in a holistic way. Also, studying nursing will be a rewarding career for me because I will feel needed and fulfil, when I see that my patients are getting better with my help.I strongly believe that nursing is what I want to do and that studying nursing will provide me with this platform.

To be able to make a positive contribution to people’s lives and be a good nurse, the person need to be selfless, be able to think critically and be competent, be courageous, emotionally stable, empathetic have good communication skills. Also, the person should be able to work well under pressure i.e. the person needs to be able handle and adapt to stress under different environments. The person also needs to be caring, patience, compassionate, committed, have concern for people, good listening and interpersonal skills.

I have been working in the caring sector for approximately seven years. Previously, I worked as a health care assistant under close supervision of a qualified nurse for Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and my task included give patients their meal and helping them if they needed any help with their meal, helping them to mobilize if they have any mobility problem, recording and monitoring patients conditions such as respiration, temperature, weight. Currently, I work as a domestic assistant for Newcastle Hospitals NHS Trust. During my employment as a health care assistant, I had a great opportunity to work on wards like stroke, ITU, respiratory, geriatric, vascular, cardiology, oncology, elderly care, and surgical wards in the busy and challenging hospital environment where I learned how to communicate effectively with other staff members.

My current, previous work as a health care assistant, volunteering and also my visit to universities open days has reinforced my decision to study a degree in nursing. From my work, I was opportune to learn from different specialists working in the hospital. This has helped me to learn more about how to take responsibility.

I do realize that a good nurse should have theoretical knowledge as well as practical skills. For that reason, I’ve completed a degree in Community Health from the University of Sunderland. During my three years studying Community Health, I was opportune enough to learn the most important health and community issues facing our society today, such as the community perspectives on health and the determinants of health. Nonetheless, having learned modules such as: health promotion, public health and well-being, factors affecting human health, health research method, work-based practice, psychology, sociology, mathematics and English language, has helped me to improve my problem solving and critical thinking skills as well as helping me to apply these skills to everyday situation.

At the moment, I am doing GCSE English language, Mathematics and also working full time. To reduce the stress that studying, working and managing a family brings, I strongly believe that the person must be motivated, know how to manage their time and be able to work well under pressure. This are some of the qualities I have gained from my study skills module at college while studying an access course and working and I strongly believe are vital qualities a good nurse should have.

Outside work commitment, I like to spend some quality time with my family and in the evenings I like to spend my quiet time listening to music or reading books. I enjoy keeping active by playing football with my friends. I also enjoy running and playing snooker.

I am preparing myself for the journey ahead by regular reading of Royal College of Nursing journals and their new publications to enhance my learning and to keep informed in regards to current developments. I do believe I am very capable of achieving my dream of returning to higher education to become a registered nurse and I do realize that the road to becoming a good nurse is a very long one, but I’ve the faith that I have the motivation and commitment to meet these demands.

At the end of my training as a student nurse, I want to work as a stroke nurse and later go on to specialize as a stroke nurse specialist.

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