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This free personal statement example is for a student looking to continue their health studies and achieve a PhD.

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According to a report of the National Commission on Macroeconomics and Health, infectious diseases contributed 38% of the total disease burden in 20051, whereas on the other hand, the burden of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) has grown to 33%. In epidemiological terms, India thus faces a double burden having to cope with rising cardiovascular problems and a diabetes explosion without having finished with infectious diseases or maternal ill health.

This is a major challenge for country health services because NCDs are far more expensive to handle and often require long-term or lifelong care, making far greater demands on scarce public and family health resources in terms of funds, personnel and facilities. However in India, current resource deployment to overcome the NCDs is the highest part for end of life care than comes chronic care and acute management whereas least on prevention and promotion part. As per, WHO framework to tackle epidemic of NCDs is to reverse the chain of resource deployment as mentioned.

With a viewing the importance of recourse mobilization, Government of India launched National Program for NCDs to strengthen the health system ownership for improving monitoring NCDs, related risk factors and co-morbidities3. Under this national program, district level cell is started for implementation, monitoring and supervision of program activities.

At present I have been working as a program manager at district level, and in that my main work is to plan and implement the program activities of NCD with general health system that includes promotion, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. After passed more than two years, this program requires further assessment that whether the objectives been achieved. Based on that, necessary corrective measure can be of policy level or programmatic level will be suggested. To make policy level influence, potential leadership and managerial skills is required.

PH-LEADER program will give me an opportunity to develop applied as well as analytical skills in my area of expertise. It will also provide me the guidance of an expert mentor for planning and implementing NCD programs for policy and programmatic point of view. It would be a great opportunity for me to broaden my vision in understanding the dynamics of health system as whole.

As my motivation in public health, and have been working in health department of Government of Gujarat since last 15 years, I wish to improve my leadership skills and improve my ability to address serious issues of public health in a rapidly changing local, administrative and political environment.

As I have done Masters in Public Health, longstanding employee of Health Department, served at various positions, I would be an eligible candidate for this program. My wish to serve my best in primary health care for the people who are actually in need, which makes me focused and target oriented in achieving the desire outcome.

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