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Oncology personal statement

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With the ability to encounter all situations with a critical mindset, I believe that I hold the attitude and potential to pursue a career in the medical field. Medicine is a degree that intrigues me as it is highly dynamic and bridges the gap between science and society.

My knowledge and passion of a career in medicine has developed through attending numerous ‘medicine in action’ lectures at Kings College London, delivered by doctors from various specialties. Attending these lectures has informed me about the career demands and allowed me to understand the benefits and difficulties of life as a doctor. E.g. an aspect of medicine that, I learnt, will be a challenge as a doctor, is the idea of mortality, and having to deal with death more than average. This concept of mortality is further emphasised in the book ‘Being Mortal’ by Atul Gawande where he, as a doctor, writes about his experience on ‘how unready’ he was to help those suffering from mortality. A lot of courage and competence is required to discuss the concept of death to patients and their close relations. This reality intrigued me and has allowed me to develop a deeper understanding of the limitations of medicine but also reminded me of the purpose of a medical profession.

This thought on mortality sparked my interest in oncology [—insert]

In April 2018, my shadowing placement in the psychiatry department at St Thomas’ Hospital taught me the significance of building a rapport with patients through effective communication skills. Using this skill, I believe, allows each and every patient to be treated as individuals, respecting their dignity. I strived to effectively put this into practice by volunteering at Kings College Hospital. This has allowed me to interact with a wider and new demographic group of people. As a volunteer, I have had the opportunity to support the recovery of patients who have suffered from strokes. This experience has increased my awareness of the careful attention to detail and specifics that is required to ensure that the best quality of care is provided to each and every patient. Regularly volunteering each week has further prepared me for the long term commitment to medicine. These experiences have allowed me to understand the roles of each specific member of the multidisciplinary team better and encounter situations that will only occur in a hospital.

My placement at Step By Step nursery, looking after 3 months – 5 year old children, led me to develop patience and leadership skills. By encouraging social manners and respect for others and undertaking reading, writing, drawing and other activities, I have developed my ability to effectively lead a group of people. Leadership skills are essential as a doctor as they are the ultimate decision makers and hold a greater responsibility of leading the multidisciplinary team. [—insert]

Whilst volunteering for the Royal Society of Medicine, my participation in the OSCE training day provided me with invaluable experience and insight into medicine. By acting as a patient for the doctors’ practical examinations, not only have I learnt some knowledge and skills required as a doctor but have also obtained insight into what to expect by studying medicine. Understanding what decisions are available to be made when a minor is gillick competent or not is something that I learnt which further reminded me of the medical ethics – gillick competence

My employment in writing articles for a tuition company (Ummah Tutors) has increased my initiative, independence and creativity skills. Having written many articles My involvement in the Compass Project (a project that empowers women) has increased my awareness of the limitations of this society and has taught me the significance of effectively making use of criticisms to empower ourselves as individuals. This project led me to believe that I am community orientated which encouraged me to complete a Level 3 Emergency First aid course so that I can be of use to aid members of my community when required. Furthermore, my interest in learning new languages such as Arabic and French, in addition to Bengali and English, essentially means that I will be able to communicate with a wide range of patients.

I am an aspiring doctor and would like to put my ability to offer care and empathy into practice. I am aware that medicine requires long term commitment however, being adaptable and resilient, I believe that I have the passion, skills and ability to excel in this course. I very much value time and believe that with hardship comes ease. My dedication to volunteering in a hospital and the other skills I have obtained, equips me to follow through with this degree.


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