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19th April 2019

Personal Statement Draft

I acknowledge that medicine isn’t always positive, I know medicine is stressful and demanding. Despite this, I am motivated to obtain a better understanding of the human body and my experiences have fuelled my desire to help others. I haven’t taken this choice lightly, I have thought long and hard before deciding to apply.

I am captivated by the prospect of lifelong learning, the development in medicine means that there are constantly new things to learn! Pathology has been the most striking topic I have encountered at A-level due to the complexity level I discovered.

The 15-week student programme with the NHS that I undertook has prompted me to pursue a job in the industry. It was very beneficial as it helped to strengthen my communication skills by speaking to patients and the role required a lot of confidence and being efficient as I helped patients complete their menus and assisted with the meal service which I found very rewarding. Seeing patients willingness and courage to remain positive despite possibly diminishing hopes, made me motivated to follow my wish as a future doctor.

By helping people through: Year 7 mentoring; tutoring and being a member of the CHIPS playscheme cookery club, I have found it very rewarding as it gives me a sense of giving back to the community and by gaining people’s trust, it demonstrates how you dedicate your time to listen and have their best interests at heart.

Furthermore in July, I had the privilege of observing doctors at Birmingham children’s hospital.

Away from my studies I enjoy going to the gym, it allows a chance to focus on myself and I believe that self-reflection is crucial in a medical career.

I know that being a medic will involve sacrifice, your duties can be perpetual whilst your hours, antisocial leaving you physically exhausted and emotionally drained but a career in medicine is deeply gratifying.

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