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Mathematics personal statement (2)

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Solving problems has always given me great satisfaction and I have thoroughly enjoyed mathematics throughout my education, I gained a deeper interest in the subject during early high school when I read ‘The Great Mathematical Problems’ by Ian Stewart, the book discussed the major problems in mathematics and introduced me to new areas of mathematics such as number theory and topology. I have also read ‘The Colossal Book of Mathematics” by Martin Gardner, an anthology of his articles on mathematical problems, the book covered a broad range of topics and introduced me to new ideas related to puzzles and number theory.

Throughout high school I have taken very opportunity to further my knowledge of mathematics and to challenge myself, taking multiple online courses such as, ‘An Introduction to Mathematical Thinking’ from Stanford University, the course discussed the language of mathematics and its role in proofs. I also took ‘Introduction to Game Theory’, which discussed the how mathematical reasoning plays a role in game strategies and how those strategies transfer to economics and politics.

I also played an active role in my school’s Maths department in Australia, running the school’s chess club in 2015, the club allowed my peers and I to develop our problem solving skills. From 2015 to 2017 I tutored the ATAR students at my school in maths and science, the job allowed me to develop my communication skills, helping me to explain complex concepts and gave me the initiative to study deeper into the topics taught in class. I also competed in the 2015 ICAS maths competition, gaining a distinction by scoring in the top 5% of participants in Australia and South East Asia.

In 2016 I made the decision to move from Australia to England to study my A levels at Rugby High School, studying maths and further maths at a level has allowed me to challenge myself and I have particularly enjoyed the topics taught in the pure modules, specifically complex numbers and matrices. I also study physics and biology, and last year took part in an engineering project with General Electric, where we designed an actuator for a probe in a turbine.

Outside of school I have worked multiple jobs to support my family, working as a waitress and a sales assistant from 2013 to 2016. This year I held a sales assistant position at H&M, the job has allowed me to develop my time management skills and my ability to work under pressure. I have also contributed to multiple community projects, living and volunteering in a small village in Ghana for six months and at a cat shelter in Australia, working in these roles has given me a strong sense of empathy and responsibility for others. Last year I did three months work experience at a primary school, assisting in a year two class, working at the school helped me develop my communication skills.

As well as mathematics, I have maintained an interest in music and dance, and gained a scholarship in musical theatre to a specialist performing arts school. I have also played in orchestras throughout high school, playing clarinet and violin. In 2016 I earned my TAFE certificate II in music, the course focused on health and safety in the music industry and sound engineering, the course helped me build my confidence due to the strong focus on performance.

I am a motivated and enthusiastic student and I look forward to developing my problem solving skills and believe that studying mathematics at a university level is the perfect way to do so.

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