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Events and Travel Management personal statement

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  • Published: 27th October 2019
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I am applying for my chosen course, Events and Travel Management because from an early age I have always taken a keen interest in organising my duties and responsibilities and take extreme pride in making sure things get done accordingly and efficiently. In events I believe you need to attain specific skills and qualities to be a successful Events manager. In terms of the tourism aspect of the education I have been accustomed to traveling throughout my life and I have always been intrigued by different cultures. I would like to obtain the knowledge through my chosen course to have the ability to work in both my chosen fields, as I would like to study a top up of tourism management following my current chosen course. The industry is an active, vital and consistent where many opportunities lie ahead and I believe there is a high demand in the industry for passionate people. Also, this course takes an international perspective with ever greater module choice as I wish to progress, enabling me to specialize and create my own course pathways. By studying a degree to work in this industry I can finally satisfy my hunger for knowledge and fulfill my ambition of becoming a successful Events manager while also being able to work and increase my interest for tourism.

I believe my current skills and qualities will increase my chances of building a successful future within the industry. I am what you’d call a ‘people’s person’ I love interacting with the public with a personal touch in a professional manner. I strive to problem solve and I’m one to enjoy taking on new challenges. Prior, I have worked in a number of places which expected exceptional customer service which is a skill I developed massively over the years alongside attention to detail and handling myself in while working under pressure. Within all my past employments I have succeeded to provide teamwork skills, exceptional communication skills and organizational skills which are key skills that I can transfer to my studies. I have also been able to conduct leadership skills as I have attained the responsibility at my most recent employer. This has given me a new perspective of the management aspect which I hope to develop my understanding on. I like to believe my commitment skills will enable me to successfully complete the course alongside my passion for the subject.

In order for me to study my chosen degree I am currently undertaking an access to Hospitality, Leisure & Tourism course at Westminister Kingsway College. As I was in employment beforehand the access course has increased my ability of meeting deadlines and widened and strengthened my thirst for knowledge. In correlation the course I am currently studying is the prequel of my chosen career pathway. The course will have given me a basic understanding of the Hospitality, Leisure, Tourism, Events and service sector which I can successfully link to my further education study and career.

I have volunteered and helped a number of charity events and activities such as protests and fundraising events. I have worked with a campaign called the Palestine Solidarity Campaign which I am extremely proud of accomplishing. I have found taking part in activities such as these to be extremely interesting in terms of the organisational elements to the events. However I enjoyed the process and hope to transfer what I have learnt, such as how events are structured at the time of the event and the how operational and preparational elements to an event really work. I currently follow multiple travel and tourism blogs such as ‘Nomadic Matt’ and ‘A Luxury Travel Blog’ which due to it’s posts, I undertook the urge to travel to a recommended location. I have also been captivated by certain TV programs related to the aviation industry such as Ultimate Airport Dubai and UK Border Force. These have given me insight on how an airport operates and increased my interest. A more recent article that I have read included a £800 million Dubai hotel that had dolphins flown in from the South Pacific, incredible. Through researching this course and gaining an understanding of what is expected of me, I believe its fierce and rigorous nature suit my learning style of being vigilant, organised, curious with close attention to detail.

During my personal time I thrive to organise days out whether it’s an evening out or a sporting event. I take pride in the hobby I hope to someday call my career. While I am abroad I love to observe how various societies’ work. I take a huge interest in foreign lands, the economy, the language, the tourism, the structure and how they operate. I currently can speak, write and read intermediate French and speak and understand basic Arabic, which i want to improve to broaden my horizons over the next few years.

After completing the course, I would to study a top up of tourism management to increase my ability and be able to also work in the aviation industry. I have so many aspirations and I’m very ambitious so to say what pathway I will be undertaking when I have completed my studies is too early, however University experience is designed to enhance professional life. Today’s organisations need graduates with both degrees and employability skills, As a University student; I will ensure that I manage my time effectively whilst maintaining a work/leisure balance. I believe I have the necessary skills of problem solving with excellent oral and written communication and i am committed to enhancing my graduate employability by ensuring full dedication and proving myself, I can do it.


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