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Cardiology residency personal statement

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  • Published: 7th October 2021
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“I suffer from the congenital disease of believing, I can do anything”  – Mount Batten

“Go for the top, because there is always room at the top “.

Since my childhood, these words have been reverberating through my ears, and it was none but my father. I have been wondering what knack has the dynamism to change an ordinary person into an extra-ordinary one.  Over the years, I have broken the ice to know that it is perseverance. It is the ability to hold onto ones dreams like a pit bull, refusing to let go, regardless of the obstacles. But one has to temper persistence with common sense. It is a simple but dire idea.

Puzzles have always been vivacious for me. If I were to be a fictional character, I would have chosen to be Sherlock Holmes , with the caveat that with every solved case my all quiet nature would have been anguished. However, I am much fortunate as I chose to be a physician. With every solved enigma, someone’s life gets better and one is left with a sense of achievement and thrill that is hard to put in words.

I am a firm believer of that when there is something one is interested in, hard work will come on its own and success will be there, waiting. I remember a fellow of mine in my high school who used to ask me what if I could not enter a medical school, my answer to him was always the same, ‘It cannot ever happen’. And that passion inside me led me to one of the best medical schools in Pakistan, King Edward Medical University.

In medical school initial years, Physiology was of great attraction to me. It answered all questions in my mind since my childhood about what actually happens in our bodies and how a little breach in physiology could lead to pathology. I always tried to understand in depth the mechanisms of disease production, so I would better know how possibly it could be reverted back to normal. And with this, every solved puzzle would not only quench my intellectual thirst but it also would make a difference in someone’s life.

During our whole tenure in medical school, they used to divide us in batches for different assignments. I got many chances to lead my batch, which created a great deal of leadership, confidence, and communication skills. I have been an active member of ‘Patient’s welfare society’ in the hospital associated with our medical school. I used to arrange blood and medicines for poor patients.  There I felt a real sense of satisfaction that comes through helping needy people.

As I did my internship, I learned the fact that diseases do not keep criteria and that I should always judge patients on individual presentation. I came to know that the fun in medicine is not only the diagnostic dilemma, but also in understanding the person presenting with that challenge. It may be easy to diagnose type 1 diabetes, but fun here is not only to diagnose  the disease, but rather knowing the patient well enough to formulate a management plan encompassing the personal, social, ethical and medical aspects of the disease. My duty as a physician is not only to manage a Type 1 diabetic patient who presents to the emergency room with third episode of DKA, but also to find out the reason why the patient is unable to maintain his/her optimal blood glucose level. It might be because of Depression that is leading to non compliance. So I have to provide the patient with comfort and apt psychiatric help along with fluids and insulin. To me it does not end on making a diagnosis but to sort out what is next best for your patient, as his health should not be jeopardized, come what may!

I have a firm belief that all days of my professional life will be new and different and everyday will be a challenge. To me consultants, residents and the lab staff are the pillars of a medical team and they all need to work in contingent to provide a better experience to their patients. In terms of domain, I would love to devote my life to cardiology and critical care, because I find it incredibly challenging, requiring immediate decisions to be made, and procedures to be performed in acute settings.

As my father used to say that there is always room at the top, I have always thrived to be at the top, so I have decided to pursue my career in USA, because USA s training in Internal Medicine is rated to be world s number one. Currently I am working as research assistant and extern in University of Pennsylvania, Preventive Cardiology with Dr. Richard Dunbar. It is my utmost desire to apply to a residency program that not only cherishes team atmosphere, offers arete-learning opportunities, builds good conceptual foundation and provides research facilities. Through this, I would love to devote my life to the noble cause of clinical practice and teaching. I look forward to be trained under your supervision in an atmosphere of conjunction and professionalism to become what I always longed to be… a Physician.

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