Business personal statement

“It’s time to grow up and go to school” was the last sentence I heard sixteen years ago from my mother before leaving my home of memories, my mother’s bank. I never wanted to leave that majestic place but I had to do so because of education.

Medicine personal statement

“Never place all of your eggs into one basket.”. My caring mother engraved this quote into my brain throughout my childhood. It has had a trickling effect on my life and has caused me to become relentless in my quest of becoming a well-rounded individual.

Politics personal statement

For me politics is like a heated chess game, every move is calculated and concise, and one’s strategy ever changing. I love the back and forth of modern politics, and admire charismatic politicians and leaders, who unite millions of people under their ideals in order to create meaningful change.

Product design personal statement

Everything in life has the ability to be improved. Whether it’s to help the environment, the function or even someone’s quality of life. From a young age, I have always been known by my friends and family as an expert in these analytical thoughts, and I have always been passionate in coming up with solutions to these problems.