Biology personal statement

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My biology course in medical school turned out to be my defining professional moment. I discovered my passion in biomedical researches and decided to pursue a future career in biology ever since. My love of genetics and passion for medicine made me appreciate how biology is an artistic and basic part of medicine. My goal is to pursue a master’s degree in medical research focusing on cell and tumor biology.

Going to medical school and spending 6 years—away from the family—was a very challenging experience that required a lot of sacrifice. While studying medicine, I embraced the biology course as I found it a diverse specialty. My enjoyment of statistics and passion for research inspired me to pursue a career in biology. Doing lab rotation was very fruitful experience, I discovered the magic part of biomedical specialties. Examining the microbiological specimen gave me an insight about the hidden part of this world, and at the same time made passionate for career in biology.

My internship at the hospital wards gave further knowledge about the pivotal role that biologist plays in the health care setting. The one month lab rotation allowed me to experience the compassionate aspect of the biology work. Drawing a blood sample with a smile on patient’s face was rewarding experience that reflects warm patient’s interaction. The 2 months internship at Basra specialized hospital of pediatric oncology gave me deep knowledge about the tumors that affects human body. This experience sparked me to look for way to help pediatric patients that suffered from tumors.

My desire to be a researcher in the field of biomedical research has led me to embark on the journey of finding future medical training abroad. Unfortunately, an MSc in biomedical research is not offered in the Iraqi educational system. This has stimulated me …

Nursing personal statement (2)

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For three years I have tried to pursue a career in the healthcare sector but my A-level grades were not suitable (respectable) enough for me to study Medicine. This did not stop me; I applied to accounting and finance at Birkbeck College of London and I am now due to finish my first year. For 9 months I have felt out of place. This is when it was apparent that pursing a career in the healthcare sector was where I was going to find my permanent happiness. With the encouragement of family and friends I have decided to apply, regardless of applying in June.

My desire to enter this field grew when I myself was hospitalised not long ago and witnessed the satisfaction and reward that the nurses who took care of me received. During my gap year, I arranged work experience across the healthcare sector to prepare me for what I will be exposed to if I pursued a career in medicine. Shadowing a dentist in London and two dentists abroad in the Middle East and Africa, allowed me to gain vital skills, one of which was communicational skills. Many patients would describe their symptoms both verbally and non-verbally. For example, when the patient was in pain. This required the dentist and I, to listen carefully and understand their body language, which involved patience. This also taught me to be very gentle, kind and comforting towards the patients. In addition, I was able to tolerate physical demands when under pressure and a deadline. This skill is crucial as it states that I’m able to meet tough deadlines when completing coursework and case studies during my study periods.

Working abroad and in such a busy environment has raised my cultural awareness and it has helped me become more organised. This …

Mathematics personal statement (2)

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Solving problems has always given me great satisfaction and I have thoroughly enjoyed mathematics throughout my education, I gained a deeper interest in the subject during early high school when I read ‘The Great Mathematical Problems’ by Ian Stewart, the book discussed the major problems in mathematics and introduced me to new areas of mathematics such as number theory and topology. I have also read ‘The Colossal Book of Mathematics” by Martin Gardner, an anthology of his articles on mathematical problems, the book covered a broad range of topics and introduced me to new ideas related to puzzles and number theory.

Throughout high school I have taken very opportunity to further my knowledge of mathematics and to challenge myself, taking multiple online courses such as, ‘An Introduction to Mathematical Thinking’ from Stanford University, the course discussed the language of mathematics and its role in proofs. I also took ‘Introduction to Game Theory’, which discussed the how mathematical reasoning plays a role in game strategies and how those strategies transfer to economics and politics.

I also played an active role in my school’s Maths department in Australia, running the school’s chess club in 2015, the club allowed my peers and I to develop our problem solving skills. From 2015 to 2017 I tutored the ATAR students at my school in maths and science, the job allowed me to develop my communication skills, helping me to explain complex concepts and gave me the initiative to study deeper into the topics taught in class. I also competed in the 2015 ICAS maths competition, gaining a distinction by scoring in the top 5% of participants in Australia and South East Asia.

In 2016 I made the decision to move from Australia to England to study my A levels at Rugby High School, studying …

Transportation engineering personal statement

My name is Sxxxxxx Wx and I am a senior at the University of Texas at Austin (UT). Currently, I am studying Civil Engineering, with an emphasis in Transportation Engineering. I expect to graduate this upcoming May, 2018, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering. During my undergraduate career, I have gained knowledge and experience in both the classroom and in practice and wish to enter UT’s graduate program in Transportation Engineering.

Over the summer break, I worked as an engineering intern at William Sale Partnership (WSP) and Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County (METRO) in their Houston offices. During my time at WSP and METRO, I performed various tasks, including computer aided design with Microstation and GEOPAK, site investigations, evaluations, and cost estimates pertaining to storm sewer design, traffic counts, and sewage overflow.

Transportation engineering combines each of the fields I find most interesting, exciting, and practical, specifically Engineering, Physics, and Mathematics. Over the past three years, I have worked diligently to increase my understanding and mastery of these subjects, and I have greatly enjoyed the process. Furthermore, I wish to study Transportation engineering at UT so I can contribute to the understanding of physical phenomena encountered in Civil Engineering, leading to a more accurate assessment and use of materials, sites, and processes. My specific interests include pavements, material geometrics, traffic operations and control, and transportation systems analysis.

Transportation Engineering in the Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering at UT covers this entire spectrum of activities pertaining to the analysis, planning, design, construction, operation, and management of integrated transportation systems. The program here combines a long tradition of innovation in highway and traffic engineering with cutting-edge research in the rapidly evolving transportation systems engineering profession. Best of all, it provides balanced course offerings and research in …

English personal statement

My ambition of reading English Literature at university, stems from my desire to study a wider range of works from different periods and cultures that will allow me to draw a focus onto areas that particularly interest me. My A-Level studies have furthered my understanding of the power of pen and paper, through my own critical analysis of different works. I have particularly enjoyed exploring Romantic literature and how it advocated freedom and diversity in society during a period of cultural transition that has left a lasting impact. I believe literature opens one’s eyes to take in the world we live in and has the power to let people think both laterally and revolutionarily. As well as this, it allows one to view ideas from multiple angles and ethical standpoints. Since reading Roald Dahl’s books during my childhood, literature has always been a fundamental aspect of life and has helped shape the person I am today.

To complement the syllabus texts, I have read a wide range of books and for me Jack Kerouac’s work defined a movement literature which delved into the epitome of Beat. Despite his work dividing many people, he is to an extent a revolutionary hero in literature. In ‘On the Road’ through the vibrancy of the culture and discontent of the characters, Kerouac reaches the apex of 20th century American literature and is regarded by some as the greatest English language novel of all time. My studies in music require discipline and a focus to succeed, which is reflected in all my school work. Studying A-Level music has enhanced my ability to closely analyse works such as Butterworth’s ‘A Shropshire Lad,’ and also provided contextual background to some of my literature studies. My interest in music is reflected in my choice of literature which is …

Fashion communications personal statement

Fashion communication in a broader aspect, is every mode of communication that acts as a bridge between the fashion world and its modern day consumers.

My desire to study a fashion communication based course comes from my interest in the process of both conventional and unconventional psychological communication that takes place between the retailer and consumer. I find myself in a constant state of intrigue when thinking about all of the different ways in which the fashion industry can apply human centred approaches to problem solving through the mediums of both traditional and new design skills.

In my spare time, I enjoy finding local exhibitions and galleries around my home in Birmingham to meet and see the work of new, innovative designers, photographers and artists. I find that keeping the company of people in creative veins of industry shapes myself and my works greatly, allowing me to explore the multitude of disciplines that I can use to communicate my inspirations. Another way that I have found to be a powerful inspiration is working at fashion events. Events such as the National Clothes Show and the National Wedding Show have allowed me to experience completely different facets of the industry, from helping backstage of catwalks to customer faced roles selling for different brands. This invaluable industry practise helped me realise that my core interest lies within communication and the various media formats that are used to reach different audiences.

I am presently studying UAL Fashion Business & Retail at the Birmingham Metropolitan College. Birmingham’s rich ethnic mix has definitely offered me an advantageous platform into the influences that culture plays on the fashion industry and has most definitely sensitised my viewpoint on topics regarding culture, mainly the Appropriation of it. In such a creative field that distills and celebrates styles from …

College personal statement

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The thought of achieving any sort of higher education has often been a challenging idea in my family for generations. I come from a long line of hard workers that choose to break their backs at work just to keep a roof over their families heads. No one ever finished school in my family and although my mom never went to school, during her time in an immigration detention center she pushed through to get her GED so she got out she could find a better job and show people that “Si se puede!”.

Our struggles with poverty made me not want to bother my mom with the idea of going to college but I knew early on in my life that my mom expected more of me, I was supposed to serve as the outlier to the norm in my family and bring an end to the “unachievable dream”. I wanted to be the one to further my education, and go on to do something more meaningful with my life. But the knowing I don’t have enough academically and financially obstacles my dream even though I do not want to fail my mom.

The main reason I worry is because, I do not know where I want to go from here. All my life I have never been able to give a response to that often asked question, “So Sarah, what do you want to be when you grow up?”. My mom never had an answer to that same question but it is because she never had the opportunity to live out her own life. When my mom was 18 she got pregnant with me and she had made the drastic decision to leave Mexico with only the books in her back, and a 3 month old swollen pregnancy …