Engineering personal statement example

Engineering personal statement example

I have always been fascinated by the nature of engineering, applying scientific theory to design, not just looking at the exterior of a machine but actually seeing how its interior workings allow it to function.

I have always jumped at the opportunity to study engineering to fulfil my curiosity, I took it as a subject at GCSE which aided me in designing an entirely new clamp from scratch, which I eventually produced as a CAD inside of Autodesk, however this only peaked my curiosity even more as I now understood the design aspect of engineering yet desired to understand the mathematics and theory behind it. So, to further develop this interest I took maths and physics as an A level, which I believe are both strong subjects of mine and will definitely prove useful.

All of this combined has strongly pushed me towards a career in engineering, especially in mechanical, as I always found solving a problem using basic theory satisfying, and studying it at university would definitely be my best area.

When looking at new engineering technologies in secondary school I realised that everything relies on computers, hence I was motivated to develop exceptional computer skills from then on. To achieve this I took computer science as a GCSE, which I obtained an A in, as well as take part in an ECDL course on Microsoft office to enhance my computing skills. I feel that with all of this combined with my A levels it would be a perfect combination for mechanical engineering.

Currently I am studying maths, physics and psychology as my three options, I feel like these are a great combination for what I aspire to study at university.

Firstly, maths is probably my best subject as it is the one I enjoy the most and excel …

Science personal statement example

Science personal statement example - preview

I have always been fascinated by science since I was small, but only recently have I rediscovered the meaning behind it. Humans are driven by curiosity and the desire to know more about the world and beyond pushed our civilisation to what it is today. Being a scientist means that I learn from the mistakes from the people in the past and using what they have discovered to realise new things, being a student of Latin in A-level, I realise the importance of language in our society across time, the treasure of recorded scientific writings makes it irrelevant for us to ponder questions that have once been thought of and solved. Instead we are able to use our limited time to think about new and profound questions that our ancestors could even never have thought about. The field of science means for me the continued exploration of the world, using foundations that have been built to construct new and revised foundations for the future generation.

I recently understood the theory that explains why water only freezes below 0℃, after reading the chapter on ‘Why Chemical Reactions Happen?’ By Keeler & Wothers, I learned that it is governed to the Second Law of Thermodynamics, as is everything else in the Universe. The heat that is released when water freezes must provide enough increase in entropy in the surroundings to compensate for the decrease of entropy in the water for the process to take place. And the entropy increase could only be big enough when the temperature of the surrounding is >273K, because releasing heat to a colder surrounding increases its entropy more than releasing heat to a hotter surrounding. At 273K or below, the entropy increase in the surrounding plus the entropy decrease in the system is >0, therefore it is …

Mathematics personal statement example

Mathematics personal statement example preview

Mathematics is a subject that I enjoyed at school, in particular the ability to explain complicated and abstract concepts through equations, and often in relatively simple and generic terms. Moreover, unlike other subjects where there might be different perspectives when analysing a problem; certainty can be established in mathematics through formal proofs. A strand of mathematics I especially like is calculus. I was fascinated by how applicable calculus is in real-world situations, and the fact that these situations can be modelled by simple but also generic equations that ultimately uses relatively elementary calculus concepts.

I was given the opportunity to participate in the Senior Mathematics Challenge and was qualified to the Senior Kangaroo as well. Through participating in these competitions, I was able to attempt problems that are vastly different from the syllabus, and often they demand creative solutions and insights. In addition, I also wrote an extended essay on the applications and implications of game theory. I find game theory to be one of the mathematical concepts that extensively simplifies situations, and that although the elementary models can be very simple, it can be expanded to describe very complex situations in many contexts. However, the fact that game theory has its limitations, as well as the different ways to understand and imply a solution suggested by the model also fascinates me.

Furthermore, I have also read many books that explore mathematics beyond the syllabus, for instance ‘How Not to Be Wrong: The Power of Mathematical Thinking’ by Jordan Ellenberg’. Through reading this book. I have gained insights on understanding and applying mathematics in a range of real-world contexts, from economics to politics. While the statistics and probability explored in this book is not particularly complex, it is the simplistic manner that the author manages to interpret and explain …

Business personal statement example (2)

Business personal statement example 2 - preview

I have always been curious about how my friends and family generate money, one word which always comes to mind when thinking about it, is ‘business’. Business has been a part of my life from an early age due to my parents running their own business and letting me in on their family secrets.

I currently study Politics, Drama and double Business BTEC. The subjects which I currently study in my Sixth form have really broadened my knowledge on Business and the different internal and external factors which affect Businesses in our everyday lives. Studying my subjects have really improved my skills. For example, studying Drama has really helped develop my organisational skills, my confidence and my presentation skills due to the amount of performances and group work that is done during class, whereas Politics and Business have helped me think logically about topics and helped develop my data analysis skills and communication skills.

Business is one the most important things in today’s society, mainly as Business is important to a country’s economy as it creates and provides jobs, services and goods. This is why I have an interest in how businesses take the road to success through perseverance and marketing strategies. I’m also very interested in advertising through marketing and how businesses improve their brand awareness to increase revenue.

Outside of my Sixth Form, I play badminton every Saturday and I see a personal trainer twice a week to improve my coordination and health. Playing badminton has really improved my social and teamwork skills as I enjoy playing as a team and working together to achieve a common goal.

I have had work experience in my father’s company named K-Med which is a medical business based in London which sells medical goods. I worked there for most of my …

Architecture personal statement example

Architecture personal statement example

Ever since I can remember, I have been exceedingly fascinated by how our surroundings are built and designed. The interactions that humans have with the built environments around the entire world is one of the main factors that influenced my goals and the path that I would partake once I graduated High School. After my evident decision to seek a future in the architecture world, I decided to take my first step into the future by enrolling myself in Florida International University, where I started and continue to form a part of its College of Communications, Architecture and The Arts whilst pursuing a degree in the Architecture Accelerated Masters program.

With my acceptance to this program, I was allowed to begin my journey towards all of my educational and career goals. My educational aspirations consist of studying and obtaining a degree in Florida International University, one of the best and insightful universities and programs of the United States, and later on, to acquire my architecture license. With my architecture license, I plan on creating my own architecture firm that will assist and stimulate my long-term career goals, which includes being involved in the revitalization of a community or communities through architecture starting at my home, Puerto Rico.

Architects have a social responsibility that goes back to the belief that architecture can create better places, that it can affect society, and that it can have a very influential role in making a community a more suitable living space and that it can certainly have a positive effect on the wellbeing and the quality of life of a community. With the landfall of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico on September 2017, the island was devastated in every sense whether it was an economical, environmental, socio-cultural, architectural, etc. Up to today, almost a …

Fashion studies personal statement example

Fashion studies personal statement example

Decisions to create my life around fashion and the creative field has always came from my imagination to make things possible, which has been a driving point in my life to make sure I do things to the best of my ability. Starting with something as blank as a photoshop document and transforming it in the most natural way helps me to express myself. My interest was always in looking at the trends and not just following them but in fact standing out to make others think Wow, a then to change the way people think about the industry. It wasn’t until my college years that made me think I could create something from my imagination into a reality. Pursuing a career in fashion promotion and in a wider field visual merchandising has always been an interest of mine. For me, to be able to have a career in promotion means I can give my own flow of creative skills to help other brands and their products to become known. With support from people around me admiring my work mentality and illustrations, I believe it’s about time I took a “leap of faith”. Looking forward, I am excited and have an incredible drive to see where the future may take me!

After completing a BTEC in Fashion Promotion, I also worked voluntarily on a caravan site that were willing to offer me work designing posters and leaflets for upcoming events and promoting new offers. I learnt the many different skills from this such as teamwork, meeting deadlines, working on my own but also fitting to a brief which still represents the company, and about the various Graphic programs used such as Photoshop, Canva and publisher. I learned a lot about my own image and style in visual communication. It was …

Law school personal statement example (2)

Law personal statement example - preview

Even before working for my lawyer aunt, I was always fascinated by the legal profession. However, I must recognize that, prior to having written this personal statement, I hadn’t quite really thought about the reasons that actually pushed me to pursue a career in law, especially after earning my bachelor degree in Business Administration.

These past few months, I went through the process of thinking long-and-hard about my reason to embrace this field.

My verdicts seem to always bring me back to this lovely place known to most as Haiti, and to others home. Many years ago, this beautiful but mistreated country used to be referred to as “La Perle des Antilles”, which translates into “The Pearl of The Caribbean”. The country has a population that has had the strength and courage to overcome so many obstacles, stigmatizations, and calamities; though, it may partly be the Haitians at fault, the media chose to report the worst of Haiti, clouding the judgment of others and causing its image and its people to be degraded by many. It is no secret that Haiti has had a slew of unstable governments, plagued with corruption, amongst other things. Nonetheless this negative propaganda is quite dishonest and shameful, to say the least.

For well over two decades Haiti has suffered from natural and man-made disasters, leaving the country devastated and showing no true signs of progress, especially in its governance. That, in part, triggered my will to become a lawyer. However, my initial desire to pursue law as a career dates back to over 8 years, in response to the most traumatic experience that would change, and in some cases, worsen the life of millions, myself included.

January 12, 2010 an earthquake of a 7.2 magnitude struck the island of Haiti, a place dear to …

Physiotherapy personal statement example

Physiotherapy personal statement example

I first got interested in this career through a family friend who is a physiotherapist, she briefly described her working life where she was able to work with different people with physical limitations and explained the process of how she helped them overcome their difficulties in life. This piqued my interest even more because I was always keen on doing sports and having loved the subject biology, definitely played a part in my decision to pursue physiotherapy.

I have always been deeply fascinated with our human body, my curiosity has always laid on the mechanisms of body and how trillions of cells in our body work together to allow us to perform our daily tasks. This quench for answers not only fueled my desire in this career but further ignite the passion to help others with this given knowledge. Hence, I chose to develop my career pathway in the UK because of its widely known education system that promotes task and project based learning, preparing the student to face communicative and organizational situations with confidence and efficiency.

While attending my high school in Malaysia, I was a school athlete and prefect. My involvement in sports, specifically in volleyball and track and field, guides my desire to help out injured athletes as a sports physiotherapist. Besides the accomplishments I achieved as an athlete, I also cultivated valuable soft skills attributes that allow me to progress and adapt rapidly in my secondary education. I was taught how to handle things efficiently under pressure as I was constantly being pushed to my limits as a prefect, I learned how to communicate and cooperate well with my teammates when I played volleyball and this was really helpful in teamwork projects.

In the last year, I have had many useful work experiences. I shadowed a …

Medical school personal statement

Medical / nursing personal statement example

It was on the many volunteer expeditions to foreign countries in need that convinced me that I wanted to become a doctor because it was clear that there are so many people in need who require the expert care of a physician. Although it was harrowing to work in some countries that were in the midst of civil war or that had just experienced a major disaster, it taught me about humility and the value of humanity.

I will never forget the looks on the faces of those struggling with the bare minimum or even going without food – they always smiled when they saw me and if they had anything they would offer to share it with me. This took me off-guard because I know that I did not look like I needed anything and I certainly did not want to take anything away from them. Their determination to carry on, share with others, and remain positive even in the face of uncertainty and tragedy made me realize I had to do more than what I was already trying to do.

It was very rewarding to me to participate in their lives and make a considerable difference where I could but to also realize there was so much more that I could be doing for them. When I returned home, I participated in a number of research trials and studies to further expand my knowledge of medical science and how it can be applied to those that could benefit from the findings.

If I had just simply gone straight into research, I would not have had the level of sympathy and understanding of the human side of medicine that is so critical alongside the clinical aspect of medicine.  Together, these experiences broadened by knowledge, skill, and understanding of the …

Law school personal statement

Law school personal statement preview

There I was, sitting across from a group of frustrated doctors who were tired and clearly not in the right frame of mind to hear what I had to say.

As a representative at a major pharmaceuticals company, I found myself in the position of facing this very sceptical audience and deliver the necessary facts that would convince them to consider the new drug that my company believed would help their patients. They were not happy to be there and made it clear that they did not have more than a few minutes of time for me.

By now, I was used to it as this was the same frosty reception that I had received time and time again as I delivered these presentations. However, I highly enjoyed having to turn these negatives into positives so much so that it became a personal challenge for me to see just how fast I could do it with the research and results I had to show them.

It taught me a lot about how to handle objections, ask probing questions, assess answers and think fast on my feet. As a result, I was named Rep of the Year two years in a row, something that had never been accomplished by a newcomer to the company.

I was attracted to the job not so much for these kinds of awards but for the simple fact that it seemed to be intellectually challenging and that I could apply my extensive science and business background to a different industry. Although that was initially a very stimulating aspect of the job, I soon learned that it was repetitive and did not necessarily maintain that same level of intellectual stimulation.

This led me to ponder just where my next place would be in my career where I …